Crocheted Costumes Save Kitten after Crow Attack

On June 2nd, a tiger-striped kitten was attacked by a crow. The crow pierced the kitten’s throat, tore its tongue into two pieces and fractured the feline’s jaw.

Fortunately, a Japanese woman happened to walk by and saw the kitten in distress. She rescued the poor kitty and brought her immediately to a vet.

The vet said the kitten could be saved but she would need to be fed with a feeding tube. The woman, who goes by the Twitter handle @jessiepon, was happy to undertake this nursing assignment. However, the little kitten whom she named Wasabi Chan, was an unwilling participant in her own recovery and kept resisting the feeding tube. So, the woman’s grandmother came up with the ingenious idea of crocheting a little “straight-jacket” for the kitten that would allow the feeding tube to stay in place.

The little pink snuggly (nicer sounding than straight-jacket) did the trick and the grandmother now fully inspired quickly crocheted a whole wardrobe for Wasabi Chan that included one outfit resembling a button top mushroom. Normally, I am not big into animal dress-up, but since these little outfits were medically necessary, why not make them cute?

As reported in the video, Wasabi Chan is gaining weight and on her way to a full recovery.

If you go to the the Daily Mail website you will be treated to an additional photo album of Wasabi Chan’s cute-as-a-button kitty couture as well as pictures of her steadily improving condition.

I love stories with happy endings, don’t you?!



Janelle Kennedy
Janelle K4 years ago

glad for the happy ending

Debbie Miller
Debbie M5 years ago

nice story and happy!

Carrie-Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne B5 years ago

thanks for sharing :)

vicky T.
vicky T5 years ago

hahahaha such an adorable kitty... I hope she'll get rid of her costumes soon

Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker5 years ago

Glad it had a happy ending!

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago

had to watch again.

Heidi R.
Past Member 5 years ago

Crows are sometimes very scary. I am so glad this woman had the courage to save this precious little life.

greenplanet e.
greenplanet e5 years ago

I knew crocheting was cool!

Borg Drone
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Glen Venezio
Glen V5 years ago

so glad she recovered!!!