Developing Your Heart’s Intuition: 3 Quick Tips

In last week’s column, Sara talked about practical intuition. I enjoyed what she wrote and have found so many benefits through consciously developing my heart’s intuition that I want to share more on the subject. Some of the most important are making better heart-based decisions moment-to-moment at work, at home, and in communicating, which helps me find more ease and flow in life. I am more in-tune with myself about health issues and more creative. The guidance from my heart has become my best friend.

What the Heart Knows

What researchers are discovering about what the heart knows is confirming what our grandmothers always told us about listening to our hearts. It is truly exciting and the implications are great. Most of us have heard about following our heart but few of us have learned how to do it effectively. The Institute of HeartMath’s research findings point to the human heart as playing a key role in the intuitive process, and a recent study found that the heart actually receives intuitive information before the brain – by a second or slightly more. This would seem to indicate some independent intelligence that can be attributed to the heart. In fact, the discovery by neurocardiologists in the 1990s of an independent “heart brain” with its own complex nervous system and circuitry is being widely explored today.

Researchers have found that the heart has its own organizing intelligence network, enabling the heart to act independently, learn, remember and produce feelings – all attributes which, until recently, were nearly universally held to be solely in the brain’s dominion. The heart also has a powerful electromagnetic field that generates up to sixty times the electrical amplitude of the brain. The electromagnetic signal produced by a person’s heart rhythms actually shows up and has been measured in the brain waves of other people near them. What does all this mean for you and me?

You and Your Intuition

You might say that seem people are capable of tapping into their heart intuition, but you haven’t been able to do it, or it is such a rarity that you readily dismiss all such instances as mere coincidence or sheer luck. No matter, say researchers who have studied the intuitive process, because the heart, like the body, is constantly engaged in intuitive activity we are not even aware of, and it keeps right on intuiting – receiving information before the brain, processing it, then steering us in directions it deems beneficial to us.

What would it mean if you could fine-tune this intuitive ability? Well, it could mean a great deal in so many areas of your life, as it does for me. How about in the level of stress you experience, the overall health you enjoy, your creativity, the myriad choices you make daily, your success at work, in school, or in your relationships? It’s worth a try at developing and fine-tuning your heart intuition.

In tandem with years of research, HeartMath has been engaged in the comprehensive development and testing of tools and programs to help people systematically develop their heart’s intuitive intelligence and use it advantageously. Here’s a quick tip to get started in.

Tip 1 -Try the Quick Coherence(R) Technique to shift your emotional state and send positive emotions through your system, which helps connect you to your heart intuition. Do this a few times a day.

1. Heart Focus: Shift your attention to the area of the heart and breathe slowly and deeply.

2. Heart Breathing: Keep your focus in the heart by gently – breathing five seconds in and five seconds out – through the area around your heart. Do this two or three times.

3. Heart Feeling: Activate and sustain a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone or something in your life. Focus on the good heart feeling as you continue to breathe through the area of your heart.

Tip 2 – After you do these simple steps, ask your heart if you could access your intuition more consistently and how would it influence your life? Write down your answers to help chart your progress.

Tip 3 – Practice asking your heart for guidance. Start with simple practical things like: What helpful attitudes should I bring to an upcoming situation? Should I speak up or hold back? What would be a balanced meal for my body? Calm the mind and emotions and listen for the first thoughts that come to you that feel right. Write them down. Do a self-test. Follow your heart and see how things turn out.

Your heart intuition will become more accessible as you use these tips. For more tools for developing your intuition go to:


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