DIY Bathroom Soap Dispensers

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A few elements make a bathroom pleasant: An absence of mold, a clean floor and clean tile, fixtures that are in good repair, plenty of light, and no bad smells. Then there are the little luxuries, which turn a decent bathroom into a place you want to marry: Fluffy white towels, a linen shower curtain, green plants, and quality toiletries in thoughtful dispensers.

Every bathroom sink needs soap next to the sink. That is for hygiene, my little dirty birdies, but you knew that already. Since the soap has to be there, you can elevate the experience by making a hot and happening DIY soap dispenser. I am personally very lazy, and I therefore, next to my bathrooms sink I have placed the plastic foaming soap dispenser that my store brand hand soap came in. I refill it from a giant jug of foaming hand soap refill that I store under the sink. Do as I say, not as I do.

By Design Dreams by Anne

DIY Mason jar soap dispenser: These are so popular that they are becoming cliches. However, since we are not hipsters, we don’t need to disavow a good thing once it becomes mainstream. Mason jar soap dispensers are Mason jars with soap dispenser pumps embedded in their lids. While more enterprising DIY-ers are willing to drill the hole in the lid, those who can’t be bothered can buy prefabricated Mason jar soap dispenser lids from sellers on Etsy. Some folks customize their Ball jars by painting them, or adding bits of string or ribbon.

by HooArTe

Liquor bottle soap dispenser: I’ve seen this done with vodka bottles and whiskey bottles. I am not sure, personally, if one of these puppies would complement the decor of anywhere but a bar or frat house. Yet, normal people with decent taste seem to like them. Screw a liquid soap pump lid onto any clean screw-top liquor bottle.

By The Idea Room

Monogrammed Soap Bottle: I found this on The Idea Room. If you have an empty hand soap dispenser, just remove the label and add an overhead transparency with your monogram on it. I t is beautiful, and an excellent way to repurpose an empty soap bottle.

Main post photo by Design Dreams by Anne.


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Thanks for your post. It was wonderful to read on. Having an organized bathroom is ofcourse a boon to us. But it is not so easy to keep it like that forever, it requires a lot of care and maintenance. If you are interested in DIY projects, a lot of money can be saved and also it provides you most natural products. Meanwhile if you are in a plan to create a theme based bathroom, this blog will help you:

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glass shatters, especially on ceramic floors

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