DIY: Canvas Table Top

Corinne Gilbert, the discerning designer and owner of Mc & Co. in Williamsburg, has come up with a great coffee-table top for her home; gessoed canvas stretched across a hollow core door and affixed with upholstery tacks on the sides. When the canvas starts to look a little shabby, a coat of paint spruces it up again. Genius.

A basic hollow core door will retail for $15 to $25 new, but this is an ideal material to salvage from a home construction project. With some mid-weight primed canvas, upholstery tacks, and a hammer, you’re almost done.

Above: Gilbert’s finished product.

Above: Primed Medium-Weight Cotton Canvas is 63 inches wide and sold for $8.79 per yard at Blick.

We recently posted on using canvas drop cloths in your home decor. For another great use for versatile canvas, see Remodelista’s post, Outdoors: Beckel Canvas Tents.

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Val M.
Val M4 years ago


Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

Interesting. Not by style,though.

Robyn L.
Robyn P6 years ago

I'm seeing this as primed canvas over an exceedingly ugly table top, host a party, have everyone paint on it and then seal that baby with a couple coats.
No tracking down the door and feet, no new purchases aside from canvas and paints/brushes/sponges and sealant.
staple canvas under the exceedingly ugly table top.

I'm already looking at some of our pick pile tables.....bwahhahahahahaaaa!

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Very imaginative!

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare7 years ago

I find it gorgeous, but its white and I happen to be extra clumsy so...:/

Annemarie W.
Annemarie L7 years ago


Megan H.
Megan H.7 years ago

Canvas, even Gesso'd, would get dirty, and warp very quickly. It would have to be sealed and reinforced. Coffee tables see much wear and tear.

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog7 years ago

That's really pretty, thanks for sharing :)