DIY: Gift Bags Made from Recycled Envelopes

By Jessica Jones, How About Orange

Find an envelope of any size. (I embellished these by printing a label on the front of them first. You can use my design if you want; these PDFs are set up according to how my printer feeds envelopes through. If yours is different, you might need to experiment. Download the label for a small A2 envelope or a larger 6×9 envelope.)

1. After you’ve finished printing a design on your envelope (optional), seal it shut.

2. Cut off one end of the envelope.

3. Fold one side in toward the center (maybe about an inch or slightly less). Do the same with the other side, then fold the bottom up by the same amount, making creases in the paper.

4. Put the bag over one hand. Use your other hand to shape a flat bottom for your bag, pushing the bottom center crease downward, causing the side folds to buckle out. Crease the corners of the bottom into triangles.

5. Use a bit of double-sided tape to stick the corner triangle flaps to the bottom of the bag.

6. Reverse the folds along the sides of the bag to give it shape.

7. If you like, punch holes and thread ribbon through for a handle.

All done. You can fill your Baglets with candy for party favors or put little gifts in them.


Sue H
Sue H9 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

M.N. J.
M.N. J3 years ago

These are brand new envelopes you're using, so this is not "recycling," but repurposing.

Jo Recovering
Jo S4 years ago

Thank you Veronica.

Mary T.
Mary T6 years ago

Thank you for the great idea :) will try it

Lynn H.
Lynn H7 years ago

I love these little bags. =) I'm a little confused though... the envelopes look new, and one of the directions is the "seal it shut" like it's never been used before... so it's not really recycled is it? It's just putting a brand new envelope to a different use.

Would this work as well with an actual recycled envelope, or would it look junky to have addresses and stuff scrawled onto it already? Would the stamp on a recycled envelope get in the way of folding it?

Laura R.
Laura R7 years ago

cool! really good idea!

Kate R.
Kate R7 years ago


Carole N.
Carole Nixon7 years ago

you can adapt this pattern to recycled , good quality gift wrap, great for larger items. If they are fairly heavy, turn the top over insert some card and then put the handles through.

Sky W.
Sky Streck7 years ago

Cute! Cute! Cute! And way less expensive than the bags I always have to buy at the store!

Krista R.
Krista R7 years ago

Thanks! This gave me some inspiration.