DIY Mini Magnetic Chalkboards

Add fun and color to your fridge with these DIY mini magnetic chalkboards! Bonus points if you can guess what they’re made from just by looking at the photo.

We love mason jar crafts, but those crafts often leave the lids behind. These mini fridge chalkboards are the perfect way to bust your stash of mason jar lids. They’re so cute on your own fridge, and they also make a great gift.

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In my previous rental home, I created fridge frames from recycled cardboard, but unfortunately they didn’t hold up very well through the move. I wanted to create another type of frame that would last longer, but would also be functional. These DIY mini magnetic chalkboards made from mason jar lids were a perfect alternative!

Guess what these miniature magnetic chalkboards are made from!

What You Will Need:

How To Do It:

1. Sand the lid of your mason jar with sand paper. This will help the paint adhere to the lid better.

2. Spray paint the ring of your mason jar lid the color of your choice. I chose a color that coordinated with my kitchen. It was the same color I painted the DIY Jewelry Organizer from a Hanging Fruit Basket. Don’t forget that multiple light coats will give you the best spray paint finish! One heavy coat will you give you drips.

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3. Paint the inner portion of your mason jar lid with chalkboard paint. A majority of chalkboard paints require that you wait a full 24 hours for the paint to cure before writing on the chalkboard. Make sure you read the directions on your specific paint, though.

Guess what these miniature magnetic chalkboards are made from!

4. Once the paint has cured for 24 hours, you will need to cover the entire surface with chalk. This helps the paint “set.” After that, you can erase it and you’re ready to write on the chalkboard as much as your heart desires!

5. Hot glue the chalkboard inner portion to the ring of the mason jar lid. Then, let it dry.

6. Hot glue your magnet to the back of the lid. Make sure you glue the magnet to the ring rather than the back. If you glue it to the back, the magnet won’t even reach the fridge because of the depth of the lid.

Guess what these miniature magnetic chalkboards are made from!

Now you’re ready to leave notes or draw funny faces on your colorful mini chalkboards. I love how they’re whimsical, yet functional! You can put them on your fridge or really on any magnetic surface. I think that even teachers would enjoy using these in their classrooms — either on their dry erase board or on the side of their filing cabinets!

Where would you put your DIY mini magnetic chalkboards?

Republished with permission from Crafting a Green World


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