DIY: Rigging Hooks as Towel Hooks

Spotted in the portfolio of Minnesota-based Alchemy Architects: a great idea for undershelf storage that gives a nautical vibe to a space. In this bathroom project, Alchemy used load-bearing hooks, known as clevis hooks, threaded onto heavy-duty screw eyes for instant towel hooks. Below is a selection of hooks to recreate the look.

Above: Photo via Alchemy Architects.

Above: Red Clevis Slip Hook from Shoplet; $8.83. Columbus Mckinnon Zinc-Plated Clevis Hook; $8.58 at Amazon.

Above: Gold-Toned Clevis Hook; $12.20 at Grainger. Large Clevis Slip Hook; $7.55 at Amazon.

Above: Blue Clevis Slip Hook; $3.94 at Amazon. Koch Forged Shoulder Eye Screw; $6.14 at Amazon.

For another fun use for basic household hooks, see Remodelista’s post, DIY: Children’s Bath Towel Hooks.


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

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Ana B.
Ana B7 years ago

interesting idea but a bit unfriendly towards the budget. With our current economic climate this seems wasteful for most of us who aren't Martha Stewart or some other millionaire...I can think of at least 10 other types of set ups that one can DIY for a lot less.

Rana Sinha
Rana Sinha7 years ago

Handy! Thanks for sharing.

Marla Calderon
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Bennett F.
Bennett F.7 years ago

Below is a selection of hooks to recreate the look.

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Laura S.
Laura S7 years ago

I can get hooks at any "home improvement" store that are made specifically for towels and robes. Most of them are much less expensive than these. I don't get it. Unless you're buying these hooks second-hand, where's the benefit?

And I believe Jacs Bate when he says the points will tear holes in your towels. They look pretty lethal. I can picture them swinging from the end of a tow truck.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M7 years ago

Thanks! Cool idea :)

Alberta Gentleman

Great idea. Thanks.