Do You Control Time?

Who were you before you were you? Even though we all identify with a very limited slice of time and space, equating “me” with one body and one mind, in reality you also live outside yourself in the field of awareness. The Vedic seers say, “The real you cannot be squeezed into the volume of a body or the span of a lifetime.”

Just as reality flows from the virtual to the quantum to the material level, so do you. Whether we call this reincarnation or not almost doesn’t matter. The package of body and mind that came before is a stranger to you now, and the one that might arise after your death is equally alien.

But on a deeper level, millions of seeds have already been planted. Some are the thoughts you will have tomorrow or the actions you will follow a decade from now. Time is flexible at the quantum level and nonexistent at the virtual level. As we watch these seeds sprouting in the fertile field of time and space, awareness wakes up to itself. This is how a single fertilized cell learns to become a brain – it wakes up to itself, not on the chemical level but on the level of awareness.

Perhaps you are a single cell among millions too, each cell being a lifetime. It was said that the Buddha closed his eyes for a few minutes and experienced ninety-nine thousands incarnations. If this is not breathtaking enough, we are told that he experienced every minute of them; births, deaths, and time itself expanded in a few minutes of silence.

Such an amazing ability to control time lies not only with the enlightened. If you weren’t a master of time already, you would be an amorphous glob of cells like the sea cucumber; you might have entered a world where puberty could come at any moment and kidney cells could fuse into spleens, or where the first pollen of hay fever season might kill half the population.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

I often feels like it controls me and my very existence. Thanks for the article.

Barbara Brown, you have the right to express your opinion, but doing it so negatively and disparagingly makes you appear to be bad tempered and childish. Grow up.

Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown7 years ago

hmmmm, very confusing article. I wonder if this person was standing on their head when they wrote this CRAP!!!! How can you control time????? We have no say in that. Sure there are times that we have to make appointments and get stuck in traffic, but we still can't control time....I, myself never put a time on anything. Why? You can only make your own time....and when we start doing that, then we all will start to enjoy life more without all the "time restrictions"...Enjoy life people, don't break it down into minutes and hours.....

beverly g.
beverly g.7 years ago

thats very intresting.

Inez Deborah Altar

eventually the Buddhists just want us to accept degeneration

JG Edwards
JG Edwards7 years ago

the last paragraph makes absolutely no sense to me at all

charmaine c.
Charmaine C7 years ago

Wonderful article. Read with interest. Thanks.

Max Overton
Max Overton7 years ago

All I can truly say is that before I was 'me', I was 'not me'. If I was something or someone else, I have no knowledge of it. Lacking knowledge (as opposed to belief, delusion, or need), I would have to say that 'me' is all there is, and in a few years (if I'm lucky to last that long) I will be 'not me' again. As I have been 'not me' for an infinite time (past & future), and 'me' for a tiny finite time, I am effectively always 'not me'. I have this persistent delusion that I am 'me'.

Antoinette Reyes
Antoinette R7 years ago

unique .. in a sense this post wost worded perfectly enough that it could have multiple meanings .. i love how mysterious .. it brightened my horizons

Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff7 years ago

Living in the NOW moment is natural to creation including us. The human capacity for abstract thought is a gift which is specific to our species tempting us to wander down paths of should have, could have, if only and what if. Dr.Chopra's ability to speak of quantum and virtual time is the result of abstract thought.We are the part of the mind of Gaia that can contemplate it's workings in wonder. It is the ecstatic praise songs of all our "cousins", all other members of this bio-community focused in the NOW that allows our mother ship earth to continue while we work out the kinks of our gift. When we are having fun we say time flies, when bored we say it drags. Obviously it does neither but only appears to do so because of the emotional lens we are contemplating it through.In virtual time I am like an untouchable drop of oil. Employing quantum reality, making a spell, a ritual to alter the "reality" I'm in; using focus, emotional intensity, and thrust, releasing the thought form to BE in this time/place, many previous histories are altered to allow this manifestation. Only I as the creator am aware of this alteration of "reality",to everyone else it seems to be as always.I can do this because this is the way reality is constantly formed and altered and so the time scale is truly fluid with only our need for stability informing us that sequential reality is truth. Some of us are comfortable in more flexible reality definitions and allow ourselves to experiment with them.