Dog Bottle-Feeds Orphaned Lambs (Photos)

Jess is a springer spaniel who lives on a 180-acre farm with 270 sheep. Three times a day, Jess makes a milk round, carrying a bottle in her mouth to give tasty meals to lambs whose mothers are unable to care for them and to any lonely orphaned lambs.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Louise Moorhouse (Jess’s human) says, “Sheís been doing it ever since she was a puppy. I taught her to hold the milk bottle in her mouth and she did the rest. Itís very funny when she runs across the field gripping the bottle.” Their Exeter, England farm is linked to the Devon Wildlife Trust, and specializes in raising rare-breed sheep.

Currently, 10-year-old Jess is in charge of the care and feeding of four young Dorset Horn lambs. She’s even training an apprentice-dog, Lily, for the day she retires. Until that day comes, you can be sure that she’ll be running to tend and mother her adopted lambs, three times a day, as regular as clockwork.

Read on to see photos of one of Jess’s sweet daily “milk rounds”!

Getting the supplies all ready:

Photo Credit: Richard Austin/Rex, via the Daily Mail


Running to feed the lambs!

Photo Credit: Richard Austin/Rex, via the Daily Mail

Okay, almost there…


Feeding time!

Photo Credit: Richard Austin/Rex, via the Daily Mail

Two more adorable bottle-feeding pictures:


Photo Credit: Richard Austin/Rex, via the Daily Mail



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