Dog Days Dare: Be Cool, Save Energy

I learn something new every time I look at Care2′s many tips for keeping cool in the dog days of August. Truthfully, I am looking with a new eye now that energy costs are soaring, and I think you will, too. While there is some duplication, the 70-80 tips here cover a lot of ground and I can make a good bet that you will learn something you didn’t know that will change your body temperature when the next heat wave descends.

23 Tips for Keeping the House Cool
What are the secrets of keeping the house cool? How do you position the fans? Approach ventilation? Buy an air conditioner? Learn the answers here.

17 Tips to Cool Down and Save
Sometimes the win/win for saving money on energy costs and keeping the house cool at the same time require simple adjustments of windows, shades, and fans. Here are 17 handy, common-sense tips.

Curb Your AC Enthusiasm
There are tricks to using an AC efficiently. For example, is it best to turn it off at night? Use a fan as well? Find out the details for how to curb your AC use and save money and energy here.

Energy Efficient Cool Kitchen: Easy Greening
Household appliances account for about 20 percent of a household’s energy consumption, so why not start reducing energy use in the kitchen-and get cool while you’re at it? Learn how.

Hot Weather Window Tips
Something as simple as covering the windows that receive the sun during the day can make the difference in many degrees on a hot day. Here are eight hot weather window tips.

Natural House Cooling Tips
Learn more about how appliances make your house hot, besides just in the kitchen, and what to do about it, here.

Whole House Fans for Cooling
Find out how a whole-house fan can save you money by cutting your air conditioner use 15 to 55 percent here.


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