Pamper Your Pooch with Essential Oils

Any dog has time in its life when it doesn’t smell as fresh and clean as if it was just washed in a fresh, spring-fed lake. This is where essential oils can come to the rescue. Not only do they mask unpleasant odors but they offer some aromatherapy to the dog and household.

You can create a variety of different aromatic shampoos for your dog. All-natural aromatherapy grooming begins with the addition of essential oils to an all natural soap or shampoo base.

The following recipes all call for the essential oils to be added to 8 oz of an all natural shampoo base.

Spicy Deodorizing Shampoo
5 drops Cinnamon Leaf
5 drops Caraway
3 drops Black Pepper
3 drops Bay Lead

Woodsy Conditioning Shampoo
6 drops Atlas Cedarwood
4 drops Rosemary
2 drops Patchouli
3 drops Vetiver

Refreshing Citrus Shampoo
3 drops Sweet Orange
3 drops Lemon
3 drops Lime
3 drops Grapefruit
3 drops Mandarin

Delicate Floral Shampoo
4 drops Lavender
2 drops Ylang Ylang
4 drops Rose
6 drops Petitgrain

Fresh Herbal Shampoo
4 drops Sweet Basil
4 drops Lavender
4 drops Clary Sage
4 drops Coriander Seed

Make sure to watch the dog carefully to see how they react to the scent. If they seem uncomfortable, change the blend, or lessen the amount.

Adapted from Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to Use of Essential Oil and Hydrosols with Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell (Findhorn Press, 2004).


Nancy W.
Nancy W5 years ago

heard sage causes epilepsy in dogs, Citrus oil extracts Can cause vomiting.
be careful.

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Rebecca S.
Rebecca Stover8 years ago

I just used the natural organic shampoo mix for dogs I found on another page. I added some Vanilla oil to was awesome. I have the best smelling dog in the world. She smells like fresh baked cookies LOL. I would love to try the ceder or rose next.

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Ann H9 years ago

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