Dog TV Channel Launched

DOG TV is the first TV channel just for dogs. It is currently available in San Diego on COX (channel 2635) and Time Warner (channel 148) for $4.99 a month. They plan to be available nationwide on cable fairly soon as well. The stated purpose for broadcasting dog content through mass media is to keep dogs calmer or occupy them when their owners leave the home for work or other short trips.

Some dogs become anxious when left alone and can engage in repetitive destructive behavior such as chewing upholstery, drapes and shoes. DOG TV says they have three types of content: calming, stimulating and behavior reinforcing. Also the content has been made to be in synch with the colors dogs perceive and the sounds they find acceptable.

Do any dog owners out there think having a dog watch TV while home alone is a good idea? An animal behavior professor at Cornell University said she doesn’t believe it is going to be effective because dogs typically don’t really watch television. She said concerned dog owners could play soft music for dogs left alone and keep the home dark to make them feel calmer. Americans spend tens of billions each year on their pets though, so perhaps there is a market for DOG TV.

Below is an example of the dog relaxation content.

Image Credit: Ellen Levy Finch


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Karen F.
Karen F5 years ago

Between this and the latest of selling gourmet dog snacks out of food carts... I really have to say that I think some people are getting ridiculous about their dogs. I can't help but compare this to children in this world who are going hungry and starving to death EVERY DAY. I love my dog but I don't make a fool of myself over him... and I'm well aware of irreplaceable resources that are used to make electricity. I don't have a tv so I guess my dog will have to continue to be woefully deprived by only being loved, fed properly, taken on walks and having play time in the back yard with nothing but a stupid, old ball.

Karen Friedman
karen Friedman7 years ago

Doesn't anyone screen postings like the one from Salina L? Not quite about the dog channel being introduced on Cox tv in San Diego. Hope Time Warner will offer it.

Stephanie D.
Stephanie D.7 years ago

my dog likes to watch the hunting channels and he hasn't missed a single deer yet. he's even got a lion or two.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe7 years ago

I really don't believe dogs are going to watch TV. They watch their owners to see what they are doing.

I will admit that the music is soothing, so maybe it would relax the dog enough to sleep while their owner is away.

Christie O.

Good idea for lonely animals. Anyway, is also good music made for animals, dogs, cats, horses. Artist producer Felix Pando from Miami FL. He won a Grammy for doing that. You can find his facebook profile Smart Tails. Here his website:

KAROLY Molinari7 years ago

Wonderful I hope the show the channel all over the countries!!!!!

Jane L7 years ago


Virginia P.
Virginia Peng7 years ago

I can't believe this is happening! Are there that many dogs that watch TV? I think more energy is wasted by keeping the TV on all day. There must be other ways to calm dogs and keep them interested!

Joe R.
Joe R7 years ago

Not a green idea at all.

Karen Baker
Karen Baker7 years ago