Donít Be Wired in the Bedroom

Making the bedroom into an environmentally healthy sanctuary is always a high priority for anybody who wants to establish a lifestyle in keeping with the tenants of wellbeing. Reducing stress on the body in the bedroom goes a long way to helping a person deeply rest and recuperate during their sleep.

Removing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the bedroom is one way to help ensure a restful night. German natural living experts have long been concerned about the negative health effects associated with exposure to electric fields. And people who are sensitive to EMFs say that they make them feel, literally, ďwired.Ē Not the ideal mood for a good nightís sleep! In fact, the presence of high electric fields is most commonly associated with sleep disturbances.

Try this easy and relatively inexpensive way to turn off all the electrical current in the bedroom with one switch – easy on and easy off:

You can reduce electric fields in selected areas by using a kill switch, which is designed to cut off the fields in any given run of wiring. Using a kill switch is especially applicable for bedrooms, where power isnít usually desired or necessary while one is asleep. You can turn off power to the bedroom just before you retire at night so that the bedroom becomes a field-free sanctuary.

The least expensive way to accomplish this is to install the switch in a convenient location along the run of electrical wire well before it enters the area of the home to be controlled. ďHeavy dutyĒ switches have a higher amperage limit rating and can perform this task, provided that the amperage on the circuit beyond the switch does not exceed the amperage limit rating of the switch.

Combination electrical outlet and heavy-duty switch units are available. These contain an outlet and a switch in the same unit and can be installed in a typical outlet box. The switch is designed to cut off power to the adjoining outlet and to all outlets downstream from it.

When the switch is on, electricity flows through the hot wire and anything plugged into the controlled electrical line will function normally.

When the switch is off, the electrical wiring from the switch and beyond is ďdeadĒ and no fields will be present in the rest of the circuit downstream.

Kill switches can be wired into bedrooms and other chosen areas and placed more conveniently if the wires to the kill switch are run inside of grounded metal conduit. When wired in this manner, the switch can be placed so that it can be reached without having to get out of bed.

The hot wire leading to the kill switch is still energized, but the field from it is shielded so that it does not escape the metal conduit. The room must be wired so that the kill switch is the first item o the circuit.

Caution: Make sure a refrigerator or smoke detector (or carbon monoxide detector) is never on a circuit with a kill switch that might turn them off.

Adapted from Prescriptions for A Healthy House, by John Banta, et al (New Society Publishers, 2001). Copyright (c) 2001 by John Banta, et al. Reprinted by permission of New Society Publishers.
Adapted from Prescriptions for A Healthy House, by John Banta, et al (New Society Publishers, 2001).


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It's surprising just how much activity is there when the room is scanned with an EMF meter.