Donate Or DIY: Make A Beanbag Chair From Old Tee Shirts

Like many of you, the warmer weather has prompted me to do some weeding – outside and in. My storage area for clothes is minimal. As a result the closet and drawers can be my best friend (can’t buy much or they overflow), or my worst enemy (keeping organized can be challenging). I’m currently in the “evaluating” phase of deciding what to keep and what to donate away. I have no trouble passing on most of my old clothes that I don’t wear anymore. But, I have a pile of tee shirts that are lovingly worn and I feel sentimental about a few. They take up precious space. The tees were going to be sent off to the secondhand shop until I saw the DIY beanbag chair over on the CRAFT site.

Here is Heloise’s way to conquer clothes clutter:

“Hold your own once-a-year fashion show. Empty the closet, then try on each garment in front of a full-length mirror. Does it fit? With what outfits and on what occasions will you wear it? Does it need mending? Will you ever be able to get out that ink stain? Separate pieces into four piles: keep, mend, donate, throw away. Follow the same steps for shoes. Now you can start organizing the keepers, eking out extra space with over-the-door storage and hanging shelves.”

Mmm, maybe not throw away. How about donate and upcycle?

Tips for Donating Clothes

1. Make sure your old clothes are wearable. If your clothes smell (perfume is often the offender), consider putting a fragrant tea bag next to the items to infuse them with a fresh smell. Jasmine, mint, and vanilla scented teas work well.
2. Choose a local charity or resale shop with a mission you believe in.
3. Donate at the beginning of a season. That is when they are looking for seasonal donations. Most secondhand shops and charity spaces don’t have lots of storage.

Make a Beanbag Chair From Upcycled Old Tee Shirts

I love the casual, comfortable style of poufs and beanbag chairs. When I saw this upcycled project, I just knew that I’d saved those tee shirts from the rag bin for a purpose – to make a comfy beanbag-style pillow chair.


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I've thought of using old t shirts to make other things and I love bean bag chairs but I never thought to combine the two.

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Great article. Thanks.

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Great video..
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It looks like it's a fun project to make with the kids that they can use for a long time to come. Great idea.