Donkey Abandonment Increases in Texas

The extreme drought in Texas is causing people to abandon more and more donkeys several media outlets have reported. Is is the drought though, or the tough economic times? It sounds like a mixture of both, because the drought has driven up the cost of feed.

It also appears it might be the extra labor involved in getting extra water to them. Additionally there could be a negative cultural bias, as described by a donkey charity, “When asked to give a few facts about donkeys in a poll, people used the words ‘stupid,’ ‘stubborn’ and ‘kicks.’ When questioned if any had ever had contact with a donkey, not one could recall ever meeting, touching or even seeing a photograph in a book. With such an ingrained yet undeserved reputation, it is no wonder American donkeys are widely abused and neglected.” ( Even the President used the ‘jackass’ insult to describe Kanye West’s very rude behavior towards Taylor Swift, but a jackass is nothing more than a male donkey, and donkeys are not stupid. Donkeys are seen by some as being stupid and stubborn, but this view is just an ignorant stereotype. They actually are intelligent and have more acute senses than humans.

At any rate, just since March 500 donkeys have been brought to Peaceful Valley Donkey Ranch. They have a 260-acre facility near San Angelo. Last year according to one source, just 100 donkey abandonments were reported nationally.More donkeys are being abandoned than horses. Some donkeys are left by roadsides. They are descended from the African Wild Ass.

Not all people view donkeys in a negative light. This year a donkey from Iraq was imported into the US to be used in animal therapy. George Washington was one of the first Americans to own donkeys. In the Gospels, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem.


Image Credit: Public Domain

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Karen S.
Karen S3 years ago

So sad! Please visit:

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

Where's the humanity??? People need to educate themselves on just how sweet and intelligent Donkeys are. So awful that these animals are discarded like garbage. Heartless.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Despina V.
Despina Vekris5 years ago

Thank you

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege5 years ago

I don't understand people who are so irresponsible that they abandon their donkey. Before having an animal you should be aware of your duties. And then it will be time to wonder if they are not too much for you, considering you will have to care for your animal during its whole l!fe.

Bruce S.
Bruce S5 years ago

Donkeys, Jackasses, Mules, Burros, Horses, what's the difference? They should ALL be treated humanly and with respect. They CERTAINLY DON'T deserve to be left on the side of a road to be hit by a car or to die from lack of food or water. The problem in the U.S. is that there aren't any STRONG federal laws to protect animals from being abused. Worse yet, under the law they are viewed as "property", like a car or television. It time to correct the laws.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks fore the article.

Mara C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m5 years ago

I am so PISSED at care2 for trying to suck us into watching a video supposedly about the serious plight of donkeys in drought stricken Texas and then pulling a bait and switch by giving us an ad about/by a phone company!!!And Jake, you know i love your stories..but what were you thinking?!

Janet K.
Janet K5 years ago

I don't have transportation but if I did, I'd take one or two! I love donkeys, I do!