Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Launches Bathtub Tour

Armed with a giant bathtub, a psychedelic fire truck, and their legendary fair trade organic soap, Dr. Bronner’s is planning to bathe tens of thousands of festival-goers up and down the West Coast with what David Bronner, President of the 63-year-old brand calls an “Interblastive Foam Experience.”

Dubbed the ALL-ONE Ark, this massive bathtub fitted with giant bottles of Dr. Bronner’s legendary fair trade organic soap has already been a source of joy and cleanliness for thousands of festival-goers.

Way more fun than your standard camp shower, the ALL-ONE Ark is ecologically friendly to boot because the foam blast uses only a fraction of the water compared to a normal shower.

All one Ark promo from Tim Clark on Vimeo.

“My grandfather Emanuel Bronner created the liquid soap that people love today, but what is less well-known, is that my father Jim Bronner invented the leading Class-A firefighting foam used by firefighters in structure and forest fires across the country,” said David Bronner. “The ALL-ONE Ark Interblastive Foam Experience brings together my grandfather and father’s visions and allows us to share the joy of foam with thousands of people.”

The ALL-ONE Ark team hopes that by interacting with festival participants they will create and opportunity to educate them on the importance of supporting organic and fair trade agriculture, as well as on the many uses of industrial hemp, a crop that is still illegal to grow in the U.S.

The ALL-ONE Ark tour will be a non-stop adventure through some of the West Coast’s hottest summer tickets, including:

Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA, June 10-13
Sonic Bloom
, Georgetown, CO, June 24-26
High Sierra Music Festival
, Quincy, CA, June 30 to July 3
, Squaw Valley, CA, July 28-31
Summer Meltdown,
Darrington, WA, August 12-14
Seattle Hempfest
, Seattle, WA, August 19-21

At most events The ALL-ONE Ark will be joined by the Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE Kitchen which serves fair trade organic vegan food, much of it made with Dr. Bronner’s newly-launched virgin organic coconut oil and plenty of highly nutritious hemp seed.

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Image Credit: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps


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Very interesting!

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noted with thanks

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very cool, wish I could join!

Emma Davey
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at the risk of raining on everyone's parade - or, in this case, bathtub tour - a recent article on the Care2 website (see below) lists Dr. Bronner's products as containing palm oil, the production of which is responsible for the degradation of orangutan habitat. perhaps all lovers of Dr. Bronner's could petiton the company to find an alternative to this destructive ingredient...
here's the link to the story:

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I love Dr. Bronners soap!

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I'm so impressed with this company! Just imagine what this country would be like if ALL the business were like them - willing to give back something to the community as well as make a profit. Sigh....

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Fabulous idea - very creative marketing. I love this soap. Wish they would come to Canada.