Dressing Like a Goddess Keeps You Ageless at Any Age!

Dressing like a Goddess carries with it an immortal idea originating from the Goddesses, of ancient Sumeria, ancient Egypt and Greco/Roman classical modes. If we look back 2,500 years or more, we can almost feel the breathy incantations of the Goddesses whispering down upon us from Mount Olympus.

Today we find all across time, designers who have taken clues from these timeless classic styles as seen on vases and as statues and ultimately in the art created by the great Renaissance masters who thereby shared with us their ideals of feminine beauty draped in flowing fashions which cross all the art genres from dancers, to actors, poets, musicians and artists and their muses. All those brave souls who have dared to express their sacred feminine and/or quite often their sacred masculine ideal, wearing what makes them feel connected to this powerful source for inspiration in the clothes they choose to wear.

Thru diverse permutations and transformations, ancient dress has survived and resonated as an ideal. Whilst the very young endeavor to bare every bit of their flesh that they can expose, the Goddess hints at what is underneath and is surrounded by a mystique that is elegant and romantic, as well as provocative, reminding us through great works of art that Venus, Diana, Isis, and Innana can all still be alluring across time and space.

Although the worlds most famous designers have often created collections that have been inspired by Goddess wear one does not have to spend a fortune to incorporate some of the bits and pieces from this style into our own daily garb. Be it a comfortable Caftan or Kimono to lounge about in or a cape or long poncho to wrap up in when we hit the street. Many affordable options exist on line where we can order and try things on when they arrive and if they don’t work all we have to do is simply send them back, as most stores today do not cater to this type of look. The beauty of Goddess dressing is it never goes out of style. A long skirt worn with a tea shirt or flowing pants worn with a long flowing jacket hide a multitude of figure sins especially when dark colors are chosen.

I almost always wear black, occasionally navy or dark chocolate brown with white or color used as an accent, in jewelry, scarves, ponchos or capes. If you can sew this is the perfect fashion choice for you as you can select luxurious and comfortable, affordable fabrics, which are easy care and then make up something that no one else but you has. We have all been far too dependent on trends and name designers and although this is certainly fun such as wearing an accessory from a world famous designer such as Emilio Pucci whose silk scarves are something to treasure forever, they are not a necessity. The idea is to look timeless and now is the right time to get out of the jeans, T-shirts, sweats and flip flops and embrace your inner goddess at what ever age you just happen to be right now. However old you are you have earned your Goddess stripes and it is now time to claim them.

You can choose an ethnic fashion for the day with a Moroccan flair or African the next with a swath of color as a head wrap! A long tunic top with some ropes of something colorful around your neck with a flowing scarf. Certain semi-precious stones, when affordable can exude their own mystique and energy. Where an exotic essential oil as your signature fragrance and you will be noticed by your scent before you are ever seen! Perhaps remembered for it as well!

I have found that shopping in cities when I travel often offers a variety of ethnicities and many stores have clothing items and jewelry that are exciting to mix in with the ones you already own and have in your closet at home. This is a really great way to put looks together, often with just what you have on at the moment. If you go shopping wearing all black for example you become the perfect model for you to accessorize.

When shopping in Chinatown for example anywhere in the world, you can find very affordable outfits that people where to practice Tai Chi in and wear them instead of jeans for casual wear..they are usually silk or polyester and both fabrics wash like a dream. You could wear only the top with wide leg pants or a skirt. My recommendation for an anti-aging effect is to stick with dark colors and then frame your face with white or something you like to wear near your face if black or darker colors are too harsh for you. Mandarin jackets are easy to find in Chinatown with frog closures down the front and they look great even doubled up with wide leg pants. You can mix and match. Often times the Mandarin jackets come with a snap in and snap out white mandarin collars which can be washed separately. I found one of these little collars once quite by accident just by putting my hands in my pockets. Wearing a white or opposite color Tai Chi jacket under an outer mandarin jacket looks great, as well! Look around at the local folk and be inspired to create your own look!

I love to shop in Chinatown or where our East Indian families live and shop. There you can find exquisite jewelry, often reproductions of 22 carat gold pieces are often very affordable especially when sourced in their own neighborhoods where shopkeepers cater to the local crowd. These amazing accessories such as pashmina scarves and jewelry when worn with an Indian Tunic top are sure to get you many complements!

I recently found a wonderful affordable company on line called Holy Clothing and have ordered several pieces from their on line catalogue. They cater to a complete size line which includes the fuller figure and gives everyone a perfect way to find their perfect size. The garments come from India and their site is very user friendly with a Facebook page which enables you to chat with other customers about the garments to check the fit. I have my eye on a hooded black velvet, long cape right now with myriad of jewel tone colors for the lining!

And speaking of Indians let us not leave out our very own American Indians, whose tribal artisans make the most exquisite jewelry from Turquoise and silver and other precious metals and stones. Copper is one of my favorites with Turquoise! You can experiment with being quite eclectic and try a Moroccan skirt with an American Indian Turquoise and Silver necklace, etc. Flowing tunic tops can again be worn with black leggings/tights and with flats or cute sandals or boots which give youthful appeal to your Goddess attire! Think flowing tops over skinny pants or leggings and more fitted tops and tea’s with wide bottomed pants and long skirts. Shawls and shrugs can cover arms if something sleeveless is purchased and you would rather show less skin.

Another of my favorite stores and on line Goddess shopping experiences is at Tienda Ho which is located in Santa Barbara, California. They offer Moroccan, Indian and Balinese fashions, as well as exquisite jewelry, scarves and bags and even some lavish home furnishings and accessories to help you feel like a Goddess right where ever you live. And yes they do offer things for men as well! You will notice when you peruse their website that these are real people modeling their clothes who come in all sizes and ages and everyone looks great! At Tienda Ho, they help to put you together, if you walk in right off the street, with all the right accessories and you can even walk right back out dressed and feeling like a Goddess at any age! They have great world music CD’s and often delicious incense, as well!

While trends come and go and we’ve all been thru the ordeal of looking thru our closets and deciding what either doesn’t fit any more or what has gone out of style, the Goddess selections you have made previously or make now will always be in style and pretty much always fit you. We are not getting older, dear sisters we are getting better every day of our lives and our life is a blessing to all those we come in contact with. Carry with you at all times the powerful affirmation that you are improving in every way and on every level as you age. Don’t fear it, just remember and know how much you have to share with all those around you…embrace the beautiful, loving being that you are and be here right in the present moment in the time space we call now. As soon as we give up trying to dress young or trying to please others and just release the fear of being a little eccentric… we can then embrace our Goddess spirit and anti-aging can truly begin!

Artwork courtesy of Nazim Artist http://www.NazimArtist.com


Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

Interestingly, my daughter totally subscribes to this LOL. Me, I prefer simply being comfortable!

Lauramarie Whitaker
Laura Whitaker7 years ago

this is a very good piece.... every woman deserves to be a godess

Danielle Lenz
Danielle L7 years ago

I love this. I'm 18 and adore a classic look. I'm not in love with the idea that the more skin, the better. I want my personality and facial features to shine, not the midriff, thank you.

sheila l7 years ago

every day should be a party, dress your best even if you are just out for the day, going to a movie, shopping, etc.

It shows a lot of self respect ... those who want to look their best, do their best!

sheila l7 years ago

top of your fashions with jewelry, natural stones are so beautiful.

Just buying a pendant of natural stones or gems and put it on a chain adds to your look.
Same with bracelets, the Victorian era loved amber, one of my favorites.

Many of these gemstones are becoming rare in natural form so they are manmade and you can tell the difference.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W7 years ago

For a fancy dress party?

sheila l7 years ago

my mom always said: fine feathers make fine birds.... just look at the peacocks.

I think it is a boost to one's moral to go out looking fine each day.

I like nice clothes which are clean, cotton, natural fibers and make me feel and look my best.
Cotton levis or jeans, silk, cotton tops and jackets which allow our bodies to breath are best.

Also, the designer chic is always making clothes of purer fibers, so it pays to buy them because they tend to be classic and ageless too. I agree with the author.

Brenda Bracey
Brenda Bracey7 years ago

This comment for Roxanne. The point of the article is to be yourself. You are presumptuous in my book.

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T7 years ago

Thank you...

Miss May
Ashley Piechocki7 years ago

My husband's grandmother always said "it never hurts to look your best." And I think that it is a little bit true. I think it is important to wear whatever makes you feel good. And if you want to go out and buy a "Goddess" dress, go ahead and do it. Although, it doesn't have to be anything really expensive.