Each Moment Contains Everything

Spiritual people aspire to be in both places, timebound and timeless. In India this is sometimes expressed as “the lamp at the door” your soul is poised, as if on a threshold between the everyday events that occur in time and the background of the unchanging, infinite absolute.

The reason this is important is that if you can live from the level of your soul, you are doing something very special. It doesn’t really matter what actions you take. The important thing is how much consciousness you add to the whole of human existence, for that is how eternity expresses itself, like a lamp shining in through the window of eternity.

A great soul like Buddha or Jesus wasn’t just a lamp at the door; they were beacons. You and I may feel smaller than Buddha or Jesus, yet that is an opinion formed by our egos. Spiritually, all the light being expressed through a human being is equal, at least in terms of quality.

Why? Because light is a metaphor for the power of consciousness. Everyone’s consciousness draws from the same underlying reality. But it doesn’t really matter if history will remember you as a great soul. At this moment you are expressing the entire universe through your consciousness.

The cosmic plan, whether we call it divine or not, doesn’t need you or me to reach its ultimate fulfillment. Yet the parts you and I play are unique. No one can duplicate them; we make our own cosmic history every second.

So what is the world becoming and what are we becoming? I’d like to think that we are becoming a new humanity, but I may be wrong. My vote won’t hasten that new humanity, nor will it retard it. What my vote will do is put consciousness into action.

I am connected to everything in the world. This is the realization that takes me to the polls. I am essentially one strand in the web of consciousness, and when my little strand trembles, the universe notices.

Adapted from: Peace Is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005).


Michael H.
Mike H4 years ago

Thank you!

Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey4 years ago

Another superb post contribution . . . thanks for sharing. . .

Krista R.
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thought provoking info as usual from Deepak. Namaste.

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Ingo Schreiner5 years ago

so true

Miranda Parkinson

becoming "a new humanity"! hopefully one that is uplifting and nonjudgmental!

andrew h.
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thanks Deepak - insightful interesting comment you make "I am connected to everything in the world"

i think Yogananda also describes this:

"O Eternal Fire, Thou art the
little soul-flames rising
through the burner of cosmic

Each human being is but
one Flame, separate-seeming
from all others, and also from
Thy Universal Source of Power.

Thou dost appear many,
finite, limited, small or large,
but ever divided, shooting
up as separate entities through
the pores of living organisms.
But Thou alone art that one,
eternal flame. All things other
are but Thy multifarious appearances."


Jules W.
Jules W5 years ago

Blessings and gratitude, thank you.

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I really wish that you would say that this is a re-post from 10/2009 instead of using the current date.