25 Upcycled Craft Projects for Earth Month

Happy April! This is one of my favorite months. Spring has sprung, the weather here in Atlanta is beautiful, and it’s Earth Month!

I know that Earth Month and Earth Day can be a little controversial: shouldn’t we care about the planet every day? While I totally agree with that sentiment, I also think that April is a great time to raise awareness about issues that impact the planet to an audience who might not be as receptive to that message the other 11 months of the year. It’s not about saving the planet in 30 days, but it is about showing that you can live in a lower-impact way, and you can do it without feeling deprived.

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One of my favorite ways to show the fun side of conservation is through upcycled crafts. I feel like this is something most folks can get behind. Crafting is fun, and upcycling can often be like a little puzzle where you ask yourself, “How can I reuse this?”

Not only is upcycling fun, but it’s such a great way to showcase that making greener choices can save you money. Who needs to swipe a credit card at the craft store when your recycle bin is full of free craft supplies, if you just change your definition of “craft supply” a little bit?

Ready to get your upcycle on? Check out our big list of upcycled craft projects to help you celebrate Earth Month!

Earth Month Crafts

25 Earth Month Crafts

One thing that’s always struck me about Earth Day/Earth Month craft projects is that they can be a little…well…cheesy. Let’s just say it. Or maybe it’s more that they’re sometimes a bit too on the nose for me. When you’re upcycling, you’re already in the spirit of Earth Month, so I don’t feel like there’s a need to also have your craft project depict the Earth or a recycling theme. It’s doing that just through the materials you’re using, and I think making something that you’ll use long after April is a much stronger statement about conservation!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Rocket – This is a great craft to do with kids. You can use reclaimed toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make your rockets, and the results are super cute!

2. Upcycled Mint Tins – Got some empty Altoid tins laying around? Over at Craft Test Dummies, she shows you how to use washi tape and Mod Podge to turn them into cute little storage tins that you can use over and over.

3. Mesh Grocery Bags – Store-bought mesh bags can be pretty pricey, but you can easily make your own from reclaimed t-shirts!

4. Bird Feeder – Turn an empty plastic bottle into a sweet bird feeder!

5. Suitcase Ottoman – Vintage suitcases are so much fun for crafting! Here’s how to turn an old, broken suitcase into a functional piece of furniture.

6. Upcycled Crayons – Grab a muffin tin and that bag of broken crayons. You can melt down tiny crayon pieces to make new crayons for your kids to color with!

reupholster an ottoman for Earth Month

7. Reupholstering a Chair Seat – Did you find a chair or ottoman by the side of the road or at the thrift store that would be very cute, except the fabric on the cushion is horrible? Here’s how to easily revamp it!

8. Garden Hose Doormat – Turn a leaky old hose into an eye-catching door mat.

9. Bike Wheel Trellis – Grab some broken bike wheels and popped inner tubes, and turn them into a beautiful trellis for the climbing plants in your garden.

10. Baby Cocoon – Keep your baby toasty on blustery fall evenings with this cocoon made from an old sweater.

11. Hanging Bottle Vases – I love these sweet bottle vases! Just wrap twine securely around the bottle neck, leaving a long tail, so you can hang them from a tent, a hook in the ceiling, or even a tree.

12. T-Shirt Bibs – Grab a tee that doesn’t fit anymore and whip up a cute, functional bib for your little one.

Image Credits: photos by Becky Striepe

organic laundry sachet

25 Earth Month Crafts

13. Organic Laundry Sachet – Ditch the toxic dryer sheets! Grab some fabric scraps and organic herbs and make yourself a laundry sachet that you can use over and over.

14. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch – Get ready for those outdoor summer shindigs with a few of these upcycled torches.

15. Suitcase Table – Transform a vintage suitcase into a handy, modular end table.

16. Drawer Chalkboard – Turn an old drawer from a broken desk or dresser into a hanging chalkboard.

17. Sweater Throw Pillow – Did you accidentally shrink one of your sweaters? Don’t toss it! Turn it into a cozy throw pillow instead!

18. Sushi Tray Bracelet – Wash out that sushi tray and turn it into a chic, chunky bracelet.

felt scrap hair clip

19. DIY Peacock Fascinator – Pull out your box of felt scraps and use them to make a pretty hair clip.

20. Herb Dryer – A DIY to help you preserve the harvest! Hit the thrift store for some old picture frames and make your very own hanging herb dryer.

21. Fabric Scrap Flowers – Most cut flowers are bad news for the environment, but you can make fabric flowers using fallen branches, vintage buttons, and scrap fabric instead.

22. Bottle Cap Stamps – You can’t recycle plastic bottle caps in many towns, but you can use them to make these cute stamps!

23. Hanging Scissor Holder – Never hunt for those scissors again! Use a vintage necktie to create a scissors holder that hangs on the wall.

24. Toilet Paper Tube Art – No one will believe that this elegant piece used to be old toilet paper or paper towel tubes!

25. Wine Cork Mat – 175 corks is quite a lot of wine, but if you get your friends and family to help you collect, you might be surprised at how quickly they accumulate! If there’s a bar or restaurant that you frequent, you can also very nicely ask if they’d mind saving corks for you. I bet they’ll be intrigued!

Do you guys have any crafty plans for Earth Month? I’d love to hear about what you’re making in the comments!

Image Credits: photos by Becky Striepe

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The trouble with all this upcycling is that I end up never throwing anything away! I have no problem figureing out ways to creatively reuse even worn out and broken stuff. But where to store it so I know what I've got on hand? And then there is this inner conflict with my space clearing, orderly self..."no, this is not clutter, I am NOT a horder! These are my craft supplys" And once I've made something, what to do with it? Oh well, I have LOTS of fun and my friends and family always get interesting, one of a kind gifts.