Easy Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation

It truly is the thought that counts, not just in gift-giving but in every aspect of any relationship. Although it’s easy to stay connected in the virtual world of social media, true connection comes from more than a double-tap on an Instagram photo or an encouraging Facebook comment.

While we often have the best of intentions, it’s tricky to find the time in an already busy schedule to reach out and show somebody that we care with a thoughtful gesture—and that’s why it’s even more meaningful when we do.

I recently bought a house and friends gave me small tokens to celebrate the occasion, such as a vase of tulips on the cusp of blooming or a pretty stone known for its good energy. These little treasures momentarily brightened many days, not just with their loveliness but as simple reminders that there are people in the world who celebrate my successes.

When it comes to letting someone know you’re thinking of them, it doesn’t take a ton of time and money— go above and beyond with easy and affordable thoughtful gift tips:

Personalized Note.

Ink Cards is an Apple or Android app that allows you to create and send personalized cards in the mail. If you often find yourself procrastinating until your act of kindness falls off the to-do list, Ink Cards provides an immediate option for action right from your phone. Let a friend know how great it was to see them, share photos of a special event or send a sincere thank you with a high-quality card that includes a sweet sentiment. There are a variety of occasion categories as well as “just because” cards, and the app’s ability to sync with your phone’s contacts makes finding addresses easy.

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Of course, a handwritten note is hard to beat. Create calendar alerts on your cell phone for special occasions and keep stationery, birthday cards and stamps on hand to make mailing easy.

Photo Gifts.

The ease of photo-sharing is one of technology’s greatest gifts, but the overwhelming number of images makes it difficult to curate favorites. Do a friend a favor and create a memory that will last by putting together a small album of a good time you had together. Social Print Studio is available on the App Store or Google Play and has options ranging from photo strips to wall art, as well as photo books varying in size and price.

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Image Source: Social Print Studio

Even the act of printing out a few snapshots and tucking them into a thank you card is a sweet way to show your appreciation, so stop by the photo kiosk the next time you’re shopping.

Gift Baskets.

Certain occasions call for a present, and with many online retailers lacking options like gift-wrap, picking an item online and having it shipped often lacks that personal touch. If a trip to the post office seems like an unnecessary obstacle to accomplishment, the Sesame app for iOS and Android might be your best bet. Sesame allows users to pick items for a custom-themed gift basket, which are then hand-packed with care and shipped to the recipient. The under $30 category includes a range of gift ideas appropriate for every age and occasion.

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Image source: Sesame Gifts

If you prefer to do your own shopping, consider easy-to-wrap-and-ship ideas such as an adult coloring book and pencils, an inspirational journal or planner with a nice pen, comfy socks or a cute scarf. Getting an unexpected package in the mail is a treat in itself.

Last Minute Pick-Me-Ups.

Although they’re often touted as impersonal, gift cards are sent easily and immediately with Gyft. Make up for poor planning or go ahead and surprise a loved one for no reason at all by sending a gift card for coffee on a busy day or by buying a celebratory dinner from a distance. The value of the card is stored on the recipient’s phone, eliminating misplaced cards and wasted cash, and with hundreds of popular retailers, there’s something for everyone.


What’s the very best gift, especially when life is busy? Your presence. Make time for your loved ones; if you’re not nearby, a phone call or Skype session shows that you’re interested and invested in their life. Bonus: Time spent together is a treat that’s as nice to give as it is to receive.

Although the online experience can make friendships feel superficial, the Internet is simply a tool. Use it to stay connected on a digital level and bring new depth to your relationships with real-world time and attention and simple thoughtful gifts that count.

Ashley McCann of AshleyQuiteFrankly.com writes for eBay about ways she uses her electronics to enhance her and her family’s life.


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