Eco-Friendly Cat Collars

Buying an eco-friendly cat collar may not be of the same going-green magnitude that ditching plastic bags or scrapping bottled water might be, but you know what? Every little bit helps. And if that means supporting a company that uses organic and sustainable materials over synthetic and nonrenewable one, even if the amount of material in question is a little snippet of a cat collar, then that seems important enough to me. But enough about us, how about the cat? What cat wants rough nylon rubbing against his neck when he could be having soft hemp, organic cotton, or supple bamboo?

So here you go, a round up some favorite soft, good, and green cat collars:

Westminster Organic Cotton Cat Collar
Cute collars made of 100 percent organic African cotton. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used in the cultivation of the cotton so it is not harmful to the environment, and the cotton is printed with low-salt, earth-friendly dye. These come from a company that is committed to preserving the environment for future generations and supporting the African people, and shows there support by donating 10 percent of the profits from the sale of this product to FORGE, a non-profit agency that is partnering with refugees to empower them to fight poverty and disease in Africa.

Hemp Cat Collar
Hemp is a great since it is fast growing and naturally inhospitable to pests, thus thriving without the use of pesticides. Hemp is also incredibly strong. These collars come in a selection of six colors and feature a safety break-away snap to keep your kitty safe.

Repurposed Cotton Cat Collar
I like supporting small business crafters, and is a great place to find them. One of my favorite pet supply makers is Annie’s Sweatshop, where a one-woman team belts out the smart and sustainable pet fashions. These collar are made of 100 percent renewable, recycled cotton. And very cute!

Bamboo Cat Collar
Have you felt bamboo fiber? It is so insanely soft and supple, and quite frankly if I were a cat I would seriously opt for this collar if I was going to have to wear one. Made by Wagging Green, this collar is strong, soft and the company donates 5 percent of profits to environmental causes. Purrrrrrrr!


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Another site that sells cotton collars is They have a nice selecrion and lots of low priced clearance items.