Eco-Friendly Gifts for Everyone

The final of this year’s Green Diva Holiday Eco-Friendly Gift Guides is a mixed bag for everyone, including our furry family members. Please check out ourEco-Friendly Gift Guide for Green Dudes, and ourEco-Friendly Gift Guide for Green Divas too! Next week, we’ll talk all about DIY gifts with a few easy tutorials. We will also focus on ways to give to those in our communities and around the world who need support. But here are some of the great eco-friendly gift ideas that we highlighted in the video above …

Stocking Stuffers

colorful stocking fun image

Koteli Bagskoteli bag image

Encourage your friends and family to STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS! These handy bags that fit in their own little pouch arefood safe, water-resistant, stain-resistant and bacteria and mildew resistant, and 100% certified lead free!


Seeds Nowseed packet image

Encourage folks to grow their own food. Whether it is a small indoor herb garden or seedlings for an outdoor vegetable garden, these are great non-GMO, organic seeds.


Seed Bombsseed bomb image

Who doesn’t love the idea of using a slingshot to hurl seeds into the dull gray areas of your neighborhood or your own back yard! Maybe not for small children, but definitely for the kid in adults!

$4.99 – $11.99

Woodchuck iPhone Caseswoodchuck iphone case

We all got these to try out and they are very cool. These are not protective covers, but they add a great touch of nature to any iPhone. You can personalize them as well!

$29 – $49

Glass Dharma Strawsglass dharma straw image

I LOVE my Glass Dharma straw and there are a bazillion reasons to consider getting one for yourself and for your family. Help reduce the amount (bazillions) of plastic straws in landfills!

$7 – $10

Control n Rollcontrol n roll image

Perhaps you know someone who likes to use a lot of toilet paper … A silly, but practical stocking stuffer.


Welstar Organics – Lip Carewelstar organic lip balm

ANYTHING from Welstar Organics would be an awesome gift or stocking stuffer. They have products for green divas and dudes and babies too. Vegan, organic awesomeness.


To find out more details about the pet gift suggestions and the bigger-than-a-bread-box items that we talk about on the video, please visit


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

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Janet Nelson
Janet Nelson4 years ago

Ha! I was at Target several years ago and asked one of the red shirt people if they sold reusable drinking straws. I told him I was watching Oprah and she and her guest each had a glass of water during the interview, and the straws in their glasses seemed to 'clink,' so I thought maybe they were using glass straws? And, oh, did that red shirted Target man laugh! He thought the idea of reusable drinking straws was crazy enough--but ones made out of glass! He thought I was a crazy person with funny ideas. Not the same, but I ended up finding some hard plastic reusable straws elsewhere that day. I forgot about all of that, until JUST NOW! LOL! I wonder if that same guy still works there...

Sarah Ramsay
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I like to DIY Eco Friendly whenever I can :)

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Love the idea of the seed bombs. The kids would have fun with those at the ranch!

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Very good ideas. Thanks for sharing.