Egypt’s First Female Presidential Candidate

Bothaina Kamel says she’s running for president to demand representation for the many women who participated in Egypt’s revolution.

Egypt's First Female Presidential Candidate
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Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies5 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Wonderful. Best of luck to her.

Vanessa A.

She's going to face a lot of challenges. All I can say is: Don't give up.

Oh yes, and I hope no one will vote (or not) for her because she's a woman. We all need to vote for candidates based on their competence, not their gender, age, race, or whatever :)

Kate B.
Kate A6 years ago

Excellent news. Good luck

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

girl presidents... what an insult.

Giovanna M.
Giovanna M6 years ago

I think it's good if she stands any real chance. If not, I hope that for the good of the country she will draw back as any votes she might get will cause more harm than good. The Islamists are better organized and less prone to change allegiance, so it would be good that there was a clear force who can match them.
I really doubt Kamel stands much of a chance and her votes might make a difference to a candidate who might do better.

Although I can understand the importance of girl power, one medium high class levels of EGyptian society I have always seen as much -or more- active role of females than in so called more developed countries. The difference is brutal when it comes to lower class, but that happens everywhere.
Whether she makes it to presidency or not, I hope Bothania Kamel will leave her personla ambitions to make hsitory aside and do what is best for the country when the time comes. That is what presidents are supposed to do, unfortunately many of those running for the position, in all countries and times, seem to forget that quite often.

Kerry S.
Kerry G6 years ago

It's great to see this, thanks for posting

Kimball Schultz
Kimball Schultz6 years ago

This world needs more girl presidents!

Kiana Siino
Kiana S6 years ago

Whether or not she has any real chance of winning the election I think it's such a wonderful and important thing that she is running. I think it's a great step forward, not only for Egypt, but for all countries where women don't have much of a say in how their country is run.

Anneke Andries
Anneke A6 years ago

great development finally in this country, at least, let's hope she will get a fair chance...