8 Great Ways to Reuse an Old Ladder

The design potential of an old ladder is unlimited. Before you take an old ladder to the city dump, have a look at these creative DIY decor ideas, all fashioned from old ladders.

Reusing old things, like ladders, is great for the environment. It also gives you the opportunity to custom-build a piece that will be uniquely yours. If you happen to have an old ladder, take a gander at one of these fabulous upcycling projects:

Painted metal ladder nick-knack display: This little ladder is as cute as can be. A coating of paint by a DIY painter near Riverside, CA turned it into a darling place to display nick-knacks.

Ladder shoe rack: This concept is brilliant! Repurpose an old ladder as a vertical shoe rack. For ladies, heels hang perfectly on the ladder’s steps.

Laundry room ladder drying rack: If you have vertical space in your laundry room, a hanging ladder drying rack makes spacial sense. Clothes on hangers can dry, hanging from the horizontal ladder. It is a super space-saver!

Old ladder bed canopy: Now here is a way to add romantic and rustic charm to your bedroom. You can build a demi-canopy over your bed with an old ladder. How chic!

Old ladder towel rack: Bathroom storage space is so valuable. Why not take advantage of vertical wall space by hanging towels on a ladder? You get the look of built-in towel racks, without having to pay a carpenter to install them.

Repurposed ladder birdhouse stands: Say you have no trees in your backyard, but you really, really want to see flocks of birds feeding. Old ladders make perfect stands for birdhouses.

Vertical gardening with a repurposed ladder: This is my favorite use for an old ladder of the bunch. I love how space efficient and simple this vertical gardening concept is. It would work inside and outside, and is so much less expensive than those prefabricated vertical garden supports.

Ladder, sawhorse, and pallet desk: Sawhorse desks are certainly a style statement. This ingenious desk is a way to upcycle all kinds of discarded wood: An old ladder, sawhorses, and pallets.

Photo of antique quilts on an old ladder by Quilstsalad/Flickr.

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx


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