8 Steps for Attracting Birds

Late fall is a great time to establish bird feeding routines. It
must be a routine because it is important to keep feeders filled at
this time of year and throughout the winter, since birds can become
dependent on them. This is especially true in less urban areas where
there are not many feeders around.

* Birds like and need water. Provide a birdbath or devise a fountain
with fresh water if there is no nearby source (a pond or brook). In winter,
melt snow once a day, or offer fresh water in a pan.

* Provide bird feeders. Black oil sunflower seeds have more protein than the striped variety, but both are good.

* Birds do not usually need feeders in summer.

* Make sure you keep the feeders filled.

* Feeders should be hung near trees or bushes to provide cover.

* Just about any kind of tree provides cover.

* Flowers attract birds.

* Some plants, including weeds, attract birds for their berries and
seeds. Birds are also attracted to trees because of the insects that live in their bark.


Lydia Weissmuller Price

Dear John S., I had the same problem with Coopers Hawks hunting my little friends. My daughter made pretend crows out of black trash bags, stuffed with newspaper, and dollar store eyes designed for crafts. We moved them frequently, and posed them with their "wings" outstretched, as if ready to take flight. The little birds weren't afraid of them, but the birds of prey were. Some we suspended from branches by fishing line, and when a breeze blew they appeared to be flying. Canada Goose decoys work as well, hawks are usually leery of them, because if they attack one, it's mate and friends rush in to bite it. A harmless way to interfere with nature.

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John S.
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Problem is, when I do thiss in the US, it does attract the small birds, but also the rators. I feel like I'm baiting the small birds so I only feed in the fall and spring. But, the big guy needs to eat also.

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