Elementary School Gets Solar Power System

Grant Elementary School near Redding, CA (Northern California) recently had a 202-kilowatt solar power system installed. The system cost the school nothing, as they partnered with a solar power company who built the system in return for the school paying for the power. According to a report from BusinessWire, John Krinkel, Grant Elementary Superintendent said, “A PPA with Solar Power Partners meant that the school does not spend any cash to install, operate, or maintain the system, and we know that a portion of our electricity bill will remain stable.”

It is estimated the solar power system will reduce climate change emissions each year by sparing the equivalent of burning 23,510 gallons of gas. The new solar power system could save the school $600,000 over the course of the twenty year agreement with Solar Power Partners. Solar Power Partners helps schools, universities, businesses and other customers use solar technology to reduce their environmental impact. They fund and own the solar technology used by the institutions, and sell the electricity generated to them, so the institutions don’t have to spend their own money for design and construction. Currently they own about 45 systems which generate electricity for various organizations. Some of their other recent solar projects are at a wastewater district, the University of California at San Diego, Fresno Airport, and a school in Connecticut.

The solar installation at Grant was constructed by Spectrum Energy Development who have built similar systems in the Redding area. One was at West Valley High School where they constructed a 245 kilowatt system.

Grant school district has one school serving about 733 children from preschool up to eighth grade. It is located five miles south of Redding.

Note: the photo above is a Redding landmark, not the school’s solar power system.

Image Credit: DanDeluca


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Good for them!

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Donald P.
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This is great in that it will be an ongoing influence to the children and the community as a whole....
The future is in solar shingles for new construction and re-roofing.
We could be saved from foreign oil by a generation of noble roofers.

So Mommas don't let your kids grow up to be cowboys. Let them be roofers and builders and photovoltaic engineers instead...


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That's great! Maybe they'll inspire local governments to do the same!

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Thanks for sharing.

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love this! hope it catches on.

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Made my day! Wish all schools would do this...

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Glad to hear it :D More and more solar power companies are making these types of donations - keep up the good work!