Elephant Escapes Death By Trampling Poacher

Authorities in Zimbabwe say that a suspected poacher was killed by an elephant after he attempted to shoot the animal.

Rangers found the body of Solomon Manjoro inside a national park, and believe he was attempting to poach in the protected Charara safari area. According to Zimbabwe’s Sunday Mail, Manjoro and an accomplice entered the park in mid-to-late April, with plans to hunt elephants for their ivory.

However, things didn’t go as planned for the poachers.

The Sunday Mail reports, ”The poacher was recently trampled to death by an elephant after he failed to gun down the jumbo during a hunting expedition.”

It seems that when Manjoro and his friend, Noluck Tafuruka, finally tracked down an animal and attempted to shoot it, the elephant charged. Manjoro was killed in the incident and Tafuruka is now in custody, along with a third man suspected of involvement. The surviving pair appeared in court last week, where they faced charges of illegal weapon possession and contravention of local wildlife.

Sadly, pachyderm poaching has been on the rise lately, as the black market demand for ivory continues to increase. This elephant, perhaps knowing the danger he was in, protected himself. For the safety of everyone, we hope that other poachers get the not so subtle hint.

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By China Despain


Deborah W.
Deborah W5 years ago

Inside the national park ... justice finally comes out on top. Hope this is the beginning of a new trend.

Jaime A.
Jaime Alves5 years ago

Great news, a couple more poachers dead would be even better.!!

Arlene Morrison
Arlene Mirrisob5 years ago

Unfortunately the Chinese are the ones driving the ivory trade and the trade in exotic animal parts~nothing will change whilst the nouveau riche continue to buy status symbols!

Margaret B.
Margaret B5 years ago

Poetic justice. I have no sympathy at all for the poachers regardless of their reason. they are wiping out a majestic beast for a few dollars.
The biggest criminals though are the sellers and the CUSTOMERS. No customers = no need to kill.

Sarah G.
Sarah G5 years ago

Go Elephants!!!

lynne kennedy
Lynette kennedy5 years ago

It's amazing that this brave majestic elephant was able to beat the odds against a poacher with a loaded gun.
If there was no want for ivory there wouldn't be any poachers, Who is wanting and paying blood money for this Ivory? They should be the shooting targets!

Leanne B.
Leanne B5 years ago

Right on to the elephant. I like that kinda news. Thanks for posting.

Cindy Miars
Cindy Miars5 years ago

Great news. Poachers should be hunted.

Ken O.
Ken O5 years ago

I'd pay to see a video of that. Poachers are killing park rangers, poisoning water holes, shooting whole herds with AK-47's in the hands of Pygmie's. They kill an Elephant, rip out it's Ivory and then poison the carcass so that the Vultures are killed and can't tip off the rangers. This kills, Hyena's, lions and other predators as well. I say death sentence for any poacher caught and the rangers should be allowed to shoot them on sight.

Anne M.
anne M5 years ago

Glad to hear that the elephants are finally fighting back. Yeah, that's what needs to happen to poachers of all kinds. Congratulations to that brave elephant.