Emotions Are Just Recycled Energy

Emotions do not originate with us. They come and go depending on situations, circumstances, relationships, and events. Emotions are never created in isolation; they always come about because of some interaction with the environments. In the absence of circumstances or relationships, there is no emotion. So, even though you may fly into a rage, it is not actually your anger. It is anger that has settled on you for the moment.

Notice how your fear and anger have accumulated over the years. Although you cannot remember it, there was a time in your life before you ever felt anger or fear, a time of total peace and tranquility. Try to imagine what that experience of utter bliss might have been like.

Focus on a time before fear or anger. Rewind that imaginary tape of your life until the screen goes back, and feel the boundaries evaporate between yourself and your surroundings. For the next minute, feel the total loss of all your accumulated anger, fear and ego.

Adapted from The Essential Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).


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awwwwwwwww thanks for sharing

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Very insightful article. Thanks for sharing.

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very interesting, thanks for sharing this

Mari Garcia
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Interesting idea, and in some cases I may agree.

Vincenzo Correale


Lynda Duke
Lynda Duke5 years ago

I believe this. And there are such things as Psychic leeches - vampires - whatever you want to call them, who come along and sap all your energy with their constant draining of "Its all about them!" And then you are drained after they are gone from you, and you dread them coming again.

We all need to recognize, define what a Psychic vampire is, and work towards shielding ourselves from them draining us. It can be your child or husband, parent, friend and non friends.

We cannot afford to waste energy on others who do not realize they are draining us for their selfish whims.

Miranda Parkinson

oh to once again regain that state of mind!