Energizing Spring Tonic Tea

Work with natureís cycles, uplift your spirits, wake up your energy, and detoxify your liver with this great spring tonic.

1 part dried damiana leaves
1 part dried St. Johnís Wort flowers
1 part dried mugwort leaves
1 part dried nettle seed
1 part dried rosemary leaves

1. Use about 1 cup of dry ingredients per quart of boiling water. Place herbs in a pot or jar, cover with the boiling water and allow to steep for 20 minutes or longer.

2. Drink 2 to 3 cups per day, a few days a week.

Adapted from Healing Tonics, by Jeanine Pollak (Storey Books, 2000). Copyright (c) 2000 by Jeanine Pollak. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from Healing Tonics, by Jeanine Pollak (Storey Books, 2000).


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Dale O.

Interesting. Have heard of them all except for Damiana which is illegal to possess in Louisiana, is listed there as a prohibited plant. It is best not to use this herb if pregnant.

Many herbal teas are beneficial and tasty but one has to know about any potential side effects.


Ana Passos
Ana Passos5 years ago

strange names..

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

Thank you.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

John Norman Dela Cruz
Jonn Norman8 years ago

It doesn't sound luscious and invigorating. My grandmother also commented that no matter how difficult it was to pronounce an herb the better it was for you. She has long since gone and I still retain some of her recipes of then. So now, even though the herbs sound awful I shall take your advice and see how it tastes. Who knows, it might be like some of Grandmother's concoctions of long times past.