Energy-Boosting Herbal Ally: Tea or Flavoring

One herb can do all this: Clear your sinuses and lift your spirits, help you digest those rich holiday meals, freshen your breath, relieve sore muscle pain and headaches, and make you feel both calmer and more energized. And weíll give you a hint–itís a scent most of us already associate with the season (there may even be some on your holiday tree!).

Find out what this simple, readily available herb is, and how to put it to work for you, so your holidays can be happier and healthier, right here:

PEPPERMINT is the holiday herbal ally for everyone.

Peppermint has been shown to improve digestion and flatulence, relieve headaches and sore muscle pain, clear the sinuses, even head off mild asthma attacks. It is also a mood-elevator and stress-reliever, both calming and energizing.

Hereís how to use it:

1. In the form of herbal tea. Sipping a cup after a meal is soothing to the digestive tract, and calming and uplifting to the spirits. You can buy one of the packaged peppermint teas available at your supermarket or buy dried peppermint and make your own tea by infusing a teaspoon of herb in one cup boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Stronger infusions can be made by steeping peppermint for several hours. These may be used to treat indigestion.

2. As an essential oil. A drop or two on the tongue will freshen breath, and a few drops in the bath, or in a carrier oil or alcohol as a perfume or splash will soothe and refresh you. The oil may be rubbed into sore muscles to relieve discomfort, or rubbed on the temples or the scent inhaled to soothe headaches.

3. In a pinch, there are always candy canes! If you buy all-natural organic-sugar candy canes with essential oil of peppermint (and they do exist!), you can take a refreshing lick or two whenever your energy starts to flag.


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