Energy Techniques for Staying Grounded

Staying grounded isn’t only for granola hippies. You might not have heard the term, but you’ve felt the positive effects of walking barefoot in nature. The reason it feels so good is because you’re literally grounding your body.

What does ‘staying grounding’ mean?

Think of the Earth like an enormous battery. One that’s emitting a subtle but constant electric charge. This charge is the reason why ‘grounding’ electrical currents is so important.

Humans also need to be electrically grounded. When you’re grounded you feel centered, strong and less stressed. You have a sense of being anchored.

Being ‘ungrounded’ leaves you feeling disconnected, as if you’re not quite here. Health issues can arise. You might notice an increase in stress levels, inflammation and pain, for example.

From an emotional standpoint, grounded people may be the healthiest individuals you know. They’re reliable, unshakable in the midst of crisis and they possess an unwavering moral compass.

Energy Techniques for Staying Grounded

So, how do you stay grounded?

According to Donna Eden, there are three aspects to focus on when grounding yourself: physical, emotional and spiritual. She outlines simple grounding techniques for each on her website.

Donna also has tips for staying grounded while flying. She says it’s especially important, given the unnatural prolonged separation from the Earth.

Memorize the techniques or write them down. It’s a good idea to have them on-hand whenever you feel yourself disconnecting. Used in conjunction with Donna’s daily energy routine, you’re sure to stay grounded at all times.

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Donna is a huge proponent of developing positive ‘energy habits’ in your body. This five- to seven-minute routine will strengthen your immune system and help you navigate stressful situations with ease.

The Daily Energy Routine covers:

  1. The Four Thumps
  2. The Crossover Shoulder Pull
  3. The Cross Crawl
  4. The Wayne Cook Posture
  5. The Crown Pull
  6. Connecting Heaven and Earth
  7. The Zip Up
  8. The Hook Up [Source: Donna Eden Energy Medicine]

Extra Tips for Staying Grounded

These techniques for staying grounded are also worth considering. Try them out and see what works best for you. You can use them together or on their own, it’s up to you.

1. Eat Grounding Food

According to Chinese medicine, each food has its own unique energy. You’ll often notice a shift in your body’s energy as the seasons change.

The end of summer can leave you feeling spaced out, for example. When that happens, eat some grounding fall foods like sweet potatoes and yams.

2. Swim in the Sea or Take a Salt Bath

Immersing yourself in salt water is a great way to ground yourself. It also offers other health benefits, such as healing wounds and reducing inflammation. The ocean isn’t accessible for everyone, so another option is to bathe in salt or epsom salts.

3. Walk Barefoot

The easiest way to ground yourself is to take off your shoes and head outdoors. Half an hour spent sitting, standing or walking on soil, grass, sand or even concrete is all you need to reconnect.

Remember, you need a conductive surface to draw the Earth’s energy from your body. Wood, asphalt and vinyl won’t work. If you’re unable to go outside, grounding products like bed pads and chair mats will also do the trick.

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