Etsy Videos Rock DIY

Etsy dominates the DIY world. Period. With a mission to “…enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice: Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade,” Etsy has created a community through their website and videos and has revolutionized the way artists create and market handmade goods, and how people shop for them.

Why DIY?

• To minimize cost.
• To personalize and customize projects.
• To create one-of-a-kind items.
• To make gifts that show you care.
• To be challenged to figure out how things work.
• To learn a new skill and keep your mind engaged.
• To enjoy a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of creating something useful and beautiful.
• To share something meaningful to you.
• To reduce your environmental footprint.
• To have fun.

Why watch a DIY video?

Part of the allure of Etsy is discovering who the artistic creator is, what their story is about, and the DIY process they use to create their art. Here’s an eco-sampling of Etsy inspiration from some of my favorite DIY-type projects:

Green Décor

There’s No Place Like Here: Hindsvik from Etsy on Vimeo.


Handmade Portraits: Biscuit Scout from Etsy on Vimeo.

Next: Plastic, Gardening, Nature and Furniture Design


How-Tuesday: Light Bulb Terrariums from Etsy on Vimeo.

Plastic Recycling

Etsy How-To: Fuse Plastic Bags! from Etsy on Vimeo.

Nature Crafts from Micki Findlay on Vimeo.

Furniture Design

Process: Farm Tables With David Ellison from Etsy on Vimeo.

Watch more Etsy videos here.


Douglas S.
Douglas S7 years ago

Pretty cool! Thank you for sharing.

Chelsea M.
Chelsea M7 years ago

Everything is soooo beautiful and extraordinarily unique!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G7 years ago

Etsy, cool!

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy7 years ago

That is so awesome recycle a light bulb for a mini tarium. I used to use mine for root starters from plant clippings since it's unique and something different. Some poppuri holder will hold the light bulb. C creative mind is a terrible thing to waste. Just a short time ago I turned a coffee table into a small space kitchen table buy adding a peddle sewing machine base. Bold and unique and a perfect size for two people to sit at over wine and candle light. You can do the same with kitchen table legs or dinning table legs. Just let your imagination take course. You'll be amazed at yourself. I call it recycle and save the landfill.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers7 years ago


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson7 years ago


Becca Nyce
Becca Nyce7 years ago


Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan7 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Bob Stuart
Bob Stuart7 years ago

Ugh! A do-it-yourself label on a pro-grade woodworking shop, and a clip on fusing plastic bags without a mention of the heat setting. I think I'll just keep doing stuff myself. This weekend, I couldn't buy a part for my kitchen sink faucet, but I found a way to fix it anyway.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

some great videos, thanks