Every Day Is Earth Day

We are lucky enough to live on this planet called earth, which makes every day an earth day.

But since today is the nationally recognized Earth Day, let’s treasure Earth’s vast expanse of prairies, mountains, and dry deserts filled with life. We get all of this combined with the backdrop of the ever-changing sky: sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, the moon, stars, and northern lights. Our beautiful earth!

I am in awe of what happens on this earth and grateful to get to live here.

What else makes this earth so special?

1. The air is just the right composition to keep us alive.
2. The sun is not too close or too far; it is at the right distance so we are not burning up or freezing to death.
3. There is water to hydrate our body cells.
4. Food grows abundantly on the land and in the waters to nourish us.

It can’t get much better than that!

But all is not well on our earth as we know. Let us look into what a few others say about what is happening here. I have gathered together three of my green friends to write articles for this day.

Here is the first article outlining a little of what Paul Jimerson, a rampant tweeter @pauljimerson, says about the vast ocean:

1. Taking Care of The Ocean

“After many years of inland living, I moved to California. My first few weeks in Pacific Grove were ecstatic. I could hear the Ocean from my little apartment and smell the intoxicating sea as I stepped out my front door and walk to Asilomar State Beach in ten minutes.”

ocean waves

An Ocean in Distress

“I began to study the local flora and fauna, the climate (which was miraculous after New England winter), the tides, local history, and spent many hours roaming the beaches and tide pools of Pacific Grove. The more I studied, however, the more alarmed I became. All was not well with the ocean. Global warming, ocean acidification, ‘sea snot,’ and a toxic mixture of plastic and chemicals threatened the very life of the source of all life.”

Plastics in the Ocean

“The topic I focused on was the proliferation of plastic in the ocean. I was alarmed by the ramifications of all that plastic trash. (Read and see more about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.) Plastic is a petroleum-based product, which disperses toxins such as Bisphenol-A, a known carcinogen and hormone disrupter.”

Read his full article: Taking Care of The Ocean

After reading Paul’s article I started noticing how much I use plastic. It is impossible to completely avoid. The keyboard I am typing on is made of plastic and so is my computer and phone. With that said, I do not want to be consuming the chemicals in plastic, and for some very good reasons. Read this article by a colleague, Elizabeth Walker Plastics – Havoc with Your Hormones.

I do not drink out of plastic bottles or eat food out of plastic containers, because I eat real food, not junk food. Because I buy less processed food, my recycling bin contains fewer items. Recycling is better than sending items to landfills, but it still requires energy.

The result of our over-consumption and negligence of nature has a detrimental effect not just on our earth, but also on the lives of the people on this earth. I was further enlightened by communicating with my long-time friend Chinmaya. Did you know that there is a Health Crisis at the Third Pole?  Below is part of his article with a video.

himilayan girl smiling

2. Health Crisis at the Third Pole

Chinmaya Dunster talks to the farmers of the Himalayas

“The rains no longer come on time, and they arrive in great destructive storms. We used to water our crops with snowmelt, now we watch the glaciers retreating before our eyes. Rivers that used to run all year long now flood in spring, washing away our fields, and then dry out by summer, so that we have to go further and further to fetch water.

We know the cause: as a result of human emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, our climate is warming. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent all over the world.”

Why does it matter to you what happens to us in our remote mountain homes?

The Himalayas are a third pole of planet Earth, storing fresh water in glaciers and streams. They feed ten of the largest rivers on our planet (among them Pakistan’s Indus, India’s Ganges, South-east Asia’s Mekong, and China’s Yangtse) and provide life-giving waters to one fifth of humanity (more than a billion people)”

Watch this beautiful video with all the details: Chinmay’s Video

After watching that video I had questions.

Are we doing all we can?

What are you doing to nourish and preserve what this earth gives us every second of every day? One of my passions is saving water, and I have many water conservation strategies in my life to help me with this. My friend Carla Janzen is on the same page as me, so she shared her valuable strategies.

3. Saving Water for the Environment“ Past, Present & Hopefully the Future (go to full article for all of her tips)

“As a child I remember our family being very thrifty with water. I have great memories of going to my grandmother’s house in the 50′s. Bath night was quite a ritual of events. My mom and aunt would pump water at the kitchen sink, heat it up on the stove and haul it to the big ole claw legged tub. We had a rotation of youngest to oldest and I was often the winner of first place. With each new person bathing more hot water was added to the tub. At the end of the evening the water was hauled out to water the garden, trees or the ditch.

5 Easy Ways to Save Water & the Environment

1. How about outdoors? Do you have a drain spout that could use a water barrel this summer? Check with your municipality, they may have a program to receive a water barrel free or for a reduced price.
2. Check for dripping faucets. You could be wasting up to 20,000 litres of water per year!
3. If your toilet is more than 10 years old consider upgrading to a new water saving model.
4. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.
5. Don’t flush the toilet every time you use it. You have heard the saying “if it’s yellow…”

It’s so easy to turn on the tap, but imagine if one morning you woke up, turned on the tap and nothing happened. How would your day be different?


The creation of GMO foods and how they degrade our earth, our food, and the people is a whole story in itself. I invite you to become informed and help by going to: Occupy Monsanto.

It’s amazing that there is an organization whose sole purpose is to raise awareness against a single corporation. In this case, that corporation is a perfect example of the unhealthy power and activities behind GMO’s.

These problems and the handful of solutions outlined by three passionate people are a great place to start when embarking on earth day resolutions. As you noticed, much of the advice is about water and how that water already poses a problem for some in this world. Conserving water is a subject I am passionate about; some of my strategies may seem penny-pinching, but I do not do it to save pennies. I do it to honor water: the precious resource given to us by this earth.

Let us celebrate Earth Day by taking care of our beautiful earth every day. This is for us now, and for future generations to come.

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So easy you can start NOW!

Our Earth Day Gift to You…to get you going.

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