Exercise for Balance and Harmony

Our beings are made up of the elements earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. Here is an exercise/meditation that helps you get in touch with these elements inside yourself, bring them into their highest possible relationship to you, within you, and to each other. You will actually feel the healing as channels of energy loosen and open your chakras. It is quite remarkable.

Get yourself comfortable, either standing or sitting, it doesnít matter.

The energy generated by the feeling of appreciation and gratitude is powerful.
Express your appreciation and gratitude for Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit, and their presence in your life.

Repeat a few times, spending five minutes or so with this step.

Next, ask Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit to come into their highest possible relationship in your being.

Repeat a few times. Spend 15 minutes or so, repeating your request as often as you need to keep the energy moving inside of you.

Express your gratitude for the healing.

By Annie B. Bond


aj E.
aj E4 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks Annie.

Lilith Graves
Lilith Graves8 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Brittany R.
Brittany R8 years ago

interesting, i have never even read any meditations that involve the elements. i will definitely try this!

Abo Ahmed r.
Abo r8 years ago

Interesting and worth trying