Exercise Myths and Facts Regarding Pollution and Detox

Is strenuous outdoor exercise best for detoxing?

Are windless days low in emissions? How heavily should you exercise to detox? Find out here which facts and which exercise myths you believe in regarding pollution and detox:

Myth: Strenuous exercise outdoors is the best way to cleanse toxins out of the body.

Fact: Environmental toxins (pollution) are a major consideration when you exercise outside. As your workout becomes more strenuous you breathe deeper and faster, this magnifies the negative effects of the toxins and increases your exposure.

Myth: In the city, a sunny, windless day is sure to be low in toxic emissions.

Fact: Sunny afternoons without wind are actually the worst for toxic ozone emissions. The action of sunlight on nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from car emissions creates high concentrations of ozone. If you live in the city, it’s best to avoid strenuous outdoor exercise in these conditions.

Myth: When you detox you should exercise heavily to clean out your body.

Fact: During a formal detox program it is best to limit exercise while the body rejuvenates. Over exercising is to be avoided at all times, always balance exercise with recovery.

“Exercise Myths and Facts” are from exercise specialist Jim Clary, at www.evolveexercise.com

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Reprinted by permission of Lipman World.
Adapted from Lipman World, newsletter, Issue 2: Volume 1 2004, www.lipman world.com


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So according to this, exercising outside causes you to breathe in more pollution, but (presumably) exercising inside doesn't???? Uh, ever hear of indoor air pollution? Plus, if inhaling this air pollution is bad when you're exercising, it should be bad to breathe when you're not exercising too. In that case, you should contact the government (at least in the US) and demand the use of the Clean Air Act, which is supposed to be protecting us against bad air. (Unfortunately, the Clean Air Act is not being enforced everywhere in the US and many people do live in places where the air is polluted and dangerous to breathe. If you live in such a place, please demand that the Act is enforced. You have the right to clean air and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.)

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