Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This Tool.

There’s so much to do! I can’t possibly get to it all, but I know I have to. It’s really important. If only I had more time

Do you find yourself saying these words or feeling this way?

With all of our obligations in today’s world and so much we’d like to do, life can be very challenging, especially for those who, in addition to managing busy lives, have their sensibilities frayed by the constant blitz of information from news events, emails, cell phones and more.

Millions of people today have reached the point at which everything has become “too much.” Overwhelm – combined feelings of futility, anxiousness and hopelessness – can settle in for weeks, months or even longer, disrupting our own and others’ lives. There is a tool to help you gain a grip on overwhelm.

Too Much Significance, Not Enough Ease

One of the primary contributors to people’s feelings of overwhelm is the amount of significance they assign to projects, situations and encounters in their lives. Rather than the challenges they are facing, it is the significance/importance that is causing so much frustration and internal energy drain. (Overwhelm also is commonly experienced when we provide care to others for illness or injury or during the end-of-life stage and assign so much significance that our care turns into overcare.)

The natural solution seems to be for us to learn how to take the significance out when we are experiencing overwhelm. Shifting our emotions can help greatly. If you are experiencing a negative emotion such as frustration, fear or anxiety in relation to something in your life, try to intentionally replace it with a positive one, such as care, compassion or love. For many, this can produced immediate benefits, especially relief and internal ease. Sustaining this emotional shift and its benefits, of course, is a matter of practice.

A Tool to Help: Take the Significance Out

Assume objectivity about an issue or feeling, as if it were another person having this problem. One of the first things you may notice is how much more compassionate and understanding you are toward this imagined person than you have been toward yourself.

  • Tell yourself with genuine heart intent, “Take out the significance.”
  • Breathe ease and calm while telling yourself to “take the significance out of whatever is going on.”
  • Dissolve the significance a little at a time. Imagine you are soaking the significance in the warmth of your heart.
  • Just the intent will bring you new power to take the significance out of inefficient emotional reactions so you can see new options and act on them.

Give the tool a try the next time you feel overwhelmed and life is going too fast. Here are some benefits you may experience by taking the significance out:

  • Greater clarity about what you can accomplish
  • Experience feelings of relief and calm
  • Become more understanding – of yourself and others
  • Appreciation for what matters most

Inner Ease, Inner Monitoring and Self-Talk is an article I wrote that gives you more advice for attaining your personal state of ease, connecting with the qualities of your heart and maintaining emotional balance for less stressful days.

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