Female Ejaculation: Fact or Fiction?

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Q: My husband and I were making love the other night, and I was on top, trying to achieve a G-spot orgasm. (I saw a daytime talk show where a sex expert mentioned that some women find it incredible, so we thought weíd give it a go). Well, when I climaxed, my husband said he felt a rush of wetness. He said it actually added to his pleasure, but it worries me. Is this normal?

Yes. Youíre perfectly normal. Chances are that youíve just experienced the elusive and controversial female ejaculation some women experience during stimulation of the G spot, a silver dollar sized patch of tissue on the front wall of the vagina. Because of its location near the paraurethral ducts, which lie right around the urethra, G spot stimulation can make you feel like you need to pee. Usually, you can overcome this urge, especially if you empty your bladder before sex. However, in the release of orgasm, some women may leak urine, which is a perfectly normal response and nothing to worry about.

While many doctors ascribe to the notion that any fluid released during orgasm is urine, my patients have convinced me — and noted sex researcher Dr. Beverly Whipple, who famously named the G-spot agrees –† that the fluid expelled by some women may be its own kind of ejaculate, something other than urine.† Studies of female ejaculate show that the fluid released contains glucose, fructose, prostatic acid phosphatase, and PSA, substances not normally present in urine. According to Dr. Whipple, female ejaculate resembles fat-free milk, tastes sweet, and rarely exceeds a teaspoon in volume. Which means that if youíre soaking the bed with cups of fluid, youíre probably leaking urine.

Own It!

Either way, thereís no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. If you and your partner are enjoying it, let go, donít worry, grab a towel, and surrender to the experience. If youíre so busy freaking out about urine (which is a normal, sterile body fluid, cleaner than any other sexual fluid), youíll miss out on the whole point of orgasm – pleasure.† If guys can squirt fluid when they climax and not feel self-conscious about it, so can you! If the fluid you release is a smaller amount, more akin to what a man releases during orgasm, you may indeed be one of the lucky ones who ejaculate.

If you donít ejaculate, like most women, youíre perfectly normal too. (I can relate. Iíve never enjoyed this particular pleasure.) Sure, you can experiment with G-spot stimulation to see if you enjoy it and find out what happens. But donít strive so hard to achieve some unattainable sexual goal that you forget to enjoy the ecstasy of the present moment. Each of our bodies is unique and perfect, just the way it is.


Beryl L
Beryl Ludwig2 months ago

I'll second the motion.

Dave Youngman
Dave Youngman2 years ago

Probably THE best way to achieve ejaculation is stimulating the G-SPOT.

This doesn't work with 100% of women but, if it doesn't happen fairly quickly then most will get it if their lover keeps trying over time. Some will react in the 1st 2 minutes and from then on it is zero to G-gasms in about 2 minutes and then just keep them cuming until she taps out. Some will squirt. Some won't. To lessen the amount of fluid try and get her G-Gasming as quickly as possible. If you WANT copious amounts then tease her for an hour and when she does cum her Skeene glands will have filled and then stand back - she may be capable at that point of putting out small forest fires.


Jeannie Fuchs
Jeannie Fuchs4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

John Why
John Why4 years ago

Women I have sex with spurt more than a teaspoon of juice it gushes around my penis, all the mant women I have had sex with spurt under 100.
It does not taste sweet it tastes like mine on the 10th or 15th time.
Who said it tastes sweet, some arab?
Arabs say vagina smells like fish and tastes like chicken.
If it smells like fish i am told to leave it alone, ans taste it has none though sometimes it can be a little salty.
I love Pussy.

Evelyne Berger-Uichanco

Wow that's interesting

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Camila K.
Kamila A6 years ago

OK, now that we have achieved the ejaculations, what about OBE's from sex?

Just kidding. We should stop expectations and disappointments, and focus on MAKING LOVE with our beloved partners, really really loving them, body and soul---you can't fail with that goal.

Ani B.
Ani B.6 years ago

Good information, thank you :)

Sharon Richardson

Interesting article. Thanks for the information

Cherie P.
Cherie Post6 years ago

I Know that women Do ejuclate, because I am one of the lucky ones, or I should say my Husband is! During hot sex I will cream on the shaft of his penis. You can literally see it and taste it. Very sweet, My husband Loves when he can get nme that aroused! ;)