Feminism Is Irrelevant (To Me)

By Dana Theus

Iíve really gotten into†womenís issues lately†but in the process Iíve realized Iím not a feminist. Iím not sure I ever was, but now Iím sure Iím not! Iím a†Feminista! There have been various ďwavesĒ of†feminism , which make distinctions in the category of ďpromote women over (blank).” The blank could be men, the system, everything elseÖ it doesnít matter. To me it all says,†give us rights and opportunities because weíre women, we have great things to offer and you need us.

I totally own my femininity and my gender. The older I get the more I come to understand what women are capable of Ė because of our gender. We are amazing, strong, fearless, tender, loving, sexy, vulnerable, intuitive, discerning, beautiful, hard-working, soft, nurturing, kick-ass creatures Ė in ways men can never be (though I love their manly stuff too). To me, all this and more makes us awesomely powerful in the world.

Women Are Powerful?

I recently had the chance to review some research conducted by†Jane Purdue and†Anne Perschel about women and Power. Iíll be writing more about that in the future, but here was the stat that struck me:†in the 100ís of professional women they interviewed and surveyed, 89 percent indicated a passive stance regarding how they expected to gain power in their organization (read, in their world). The representative statement was, ďIíll have power when my boss gives it to me.Ē

89 percent of us are waiting around for someone to give us the opportunity to be powerful? Seriously?

I know this stat is true because for the early part of my career, it was true for me, until I packed up my bags in corporate America and became an Entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur Ė and a solopreneur in particular – itís tough to survive, and impossible to thrive, without tapping into your own, personal power. What is this personal power? Read about it†here. Iíll tell you one thing itís not, your personal power isnít something you take from other people. Itís something only you can bring through to the world.

Feminism Is Part of What We Allow To Sap Our Power

Iíve come to think that Feminism and the rant to be†given power is actually perpetuating this passive stance. I donít think itís ill-spirited. In fact, I think the first few waves of Feminism have succeeded in creating opportunity that, according to the stat above, many of us are sitting around waiting to take advantage of. Iím not waiting; Iím certainly not wasting my power on ranting against the system (unless itís pinpointed to create a specific change I can influence) and I have no energy for a woman who is bursting with potential but who insists on hiding it. By contrast, for those women who ARE ready to step into their personal power and stop hiding it,†I have all the energy in the world.

Potential is useless unless we realize it, ladies.

I donít believe in promoting women because they have female potential, I believe in championing women because of what we do with it in the world. Even if you have potential, for you and others to understand it, youíve got to get out and use it. Just start and see what happens.

Our world is broken and breaking. It needs us desperately.

What are YOU waiting for? Have you stepped into power only to realize youíre still hiding some of it? What will it take for you to stop waiting and start being in your power? Are you ready? How are you claiming your power TODAY?

Powerfully yours,


Dana†Theus – Founder,†InPower Leadership Development & Coaching
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Peggz Ross
Peggy Ross5 years ago

Feminism is the battle for equal opportunities for women and men/girls and boys. I'm not sure what this article is about... but it's not feminism!

Why should your daughter be denied the same opportunity as your son purely on the basis of her gender?

Why should 50% of any human population be denied the opportunities available to the other 50%, purely based on their gender?

Feminism (i.e. equal opportunities for both girls & boys/men & women) is the only logical way forward in 21st century civilised world.

ps. men can be feminists too, if they care about the opportunities made available to their daughters, wives, sisters, friends, etc

New G.
W. C6 years ago

I agreed with the last several comments.

Michele Wilkinson

Also agrees with Mrs Shakespeare

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Agree with Mrs Shakespeare.

Lindsey DTSW
.6 years ago

Legitimate "feminism" is simply the belief that women should have the same legal and societal rights and privileges as men. And that they should be judged according to their skills, intelligence, and ability rather than on preconceptions based on their sex. Therefore I'm decidedly a feminist.

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare6 years ago

If feminism is fighting for the rights of women, then yes, I'm a feminist, but if its hating men and discriminating against them then sorry, thats just madness!

Faith Purdy
Faith Purdy6 years ago

thank you!
there's quite a bit of missunderstanding and undiscussed hypocrisy in feminism today. you can't sit around cleaning the house til your husband comes home and shares some money with you, you gotta tell him to vaccum and go get your own cash!
(just an example plenty of feminists can do the stay-at-home-mom thing without countering what they believe in)

Lupe G.
Guadalupe G6 years ago

I hate labels. I hated women trying to "recruit" me to agree with their views. I think for myself. I may agree or disagree with many points of view. I think if you want something (man or woman), you have to work for it & if someone wants to keep you down because of your gender, you fight like hell! If you depend on gender stereotypes to make it in the world then you are just sad (again, man or woman). Take it how you want to, I will respect only those who have earned it no matter what they are.

Shalvah Landy
Past Member 6 years ago

Interesting article and fascinating comments!
I am a woman, I am myself, I am an individual, let me be me.

Mary V.
Mary Vaughn6 years ago

Many younger women just do not understand what doors have been opened for them due to women fighting for rights. I am still very feminine yet I am grateful that there were pioneers of womens rights who withstood the ridicule of not only men but also of many of thier female counterparts. There were no laws such as sexual harrassment by your boss or even your teachers. There was a time when there were no shelters for battered women. Women doing construction work or being a police officer, firefighter was laughed at. I for one take my hat off to the feminists that fought so hard to see that our daughters and grandaughters have the right to become doctors, lawyers, politicians and most any other field they fellthey could excel in.