Feng Shui of Abundance: Feed the Birds, Feed the Earth

In the roots of feng shui, there is a teaching: “If you want abundance feed the Earth, feed the birds.” Birds are a symbol of wealth, strong chi, harmony and joy. They only come where there is food, life, and where there is enough to share.

Outside my late-winter window, the turkeys parade. The males are territorial, trying to impress a mate. The jays, cardinals, crows, squirrels and snowbirds feast on the grains by the rock. Near a statue of St. Francis and by a carved mantra of compassion, they all mingle with little fear.

The sky signals spring, yet in many places the Earth is gripped by winter, water and wind. The currents stir, calling for awakening and movement. The chi moves as the sun’s changing electromagnetic currents pass over the Earth.

Spring relates to the direction of the East, new beginnings, new life. It relates to sunrise, rebirth. As we approach spring, we must encounter the birth canal, shed what is old.

To the two-legged, four-legged and winged ones, it is a signal to prepare to move forward. The hummingbirds begin their startling navigation from South America to their North American nesting grounds. Around the world, the herds and flocks feel the changes and prepare to move, coming together in massive numbers. As spring approaches, we prepare to step out, move forward.

Is there space for the winds of change to blow gently? Look at your homes, your communities. Are there areas of stagnation that need to be moved?

Have you nurtured your environment, fed the Earth, fed the birds? Have you given back as much as you have taken? We are part of the cycle of life, and if we want our prosperity nurtured, we must feed and honor what sustains us.

We have learned that a disturbance in the honey bee population can affect our entire food supply. In Norway, a doomsday seed bank has been set up in the permafrost. In Feng Shui, we want to repel “Sha,” or evil influences, so we replace them with good aspects. If we give out kindness, most likely we will live in a kinder environment. It is no secret that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet expressed enormous joy at the gift of being able to give away vast fortunes to help heal the world. Ask them what true wealth is. They know what they had to give.

As we turn toward the East, we find in ourselves that which is new. In truth, we all have riches to share to bring in positive, abundant chi, sometimes through very small acts.

Can we take our small corners of the world and make them refuges for life?
As we come to the equinoxes, we come to a place of possible balance.
Change brings the opportunity of the new.

It is the time to apply our values, to plant them in our homes and our communities. Is your home a place that feeds the Earth, feeds the birds? Look around you, see if you are nurturing the environment. Are you adding toxins to the water or air?

If you live in a city, what is your community doing to reduce pollution, add green spaces and renew resources? What are other ways we can bring nurturing? Can you help with your time, your voice, your resources? If yes, that will come back to you a thousand fold.

With each step, you become your own feng shui master, by noticing what needs to be moved to allow the wind and water to flow and nourish all.

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By Betsy Stang, Healing By Design.


Anne Marie
Past Member 8 years ago

“If you want abundance feed the Earth, feed the birds.” And become Vegan...

Bebo V.
Bebo V.9 years ago

I know according to Feng Shui it is good to feed the birds and animals. Few days back i had hanged a bird feeder in my patio to feed birds as somehow I'm not convinced to keep them in cage. I also feed squrils my leftover food and sometimes with riped fruits and vegetables. It is a good practice as far as Feng Shui is concerned ? Please comment ?

Bebo V.
Bebo V.9 years ago


Yulan L.
Yulan Lawson9 years ago

Thank you for the tips.

Vali L.
Vali L.9 years ago

Very good tip, Vali

Pamela White
Pamela WILLIS10 years ago

please help

Susan Finch
Susan Finch10 years ago

Hi Sana S. As far as i know you can,if you go into Google & put in Feng Shui & ask about keeping your Birds.Google should give you the correct answer.I have a Cockatiel-his name is Cheeky,he whistles Happy Birthday & Jungle Bells & talks,so anything like that Feng Shui i imagine should approve.THANKS FOR ASKING SUZIE XX

Sana S.
Past Member 10 years ago


Melissa Kush10 years ago

I come from a long line of women who fed the birds, inherited my mother's bird books and am now teaching my granddaughter to identify the birds that come to the feeders outside the kitchen patio door. We give lots of sunflower seeds to attract the songbirds! Sweet treats for sweet tweets!

Lisa Cox
Lisa Cox10 years ago

My family and I have just started using feng shui, we love it and are constantly looking for new was to use and apply it in our lifes. It has been such a possitive improvement. Thank you for giving us some more ideas.