Change Your Life With Color: Feng Shui

Do you need help with career or finances? Looking for romance?
Want to support your most vibrant health? Color can help you
create what you need!

The ancient Chinese system of feng shui can tell you which colors will invite beneficial energies into your home and into your life.

Here’s how:

To find out where the eight feng shui areas are located in your home, see
mapping a room with feng shui.

Then, find out which color is associated with what you need. Paint that color on trim, a door, or a small wall, or find a colored object to place in the corresponding area.

Blue: Represents blessings and is a calming, peaceful color for meditation and contemplation. Good for the Knowledge area of your home.

Red: Symbolizes virtue and truth. Red wards off evil and its vibrancy is life-affirming. It is the color of life, luck, prosperity, power, glory, and happiness. Good for the Fame or Reputation area of your home.

Green: Hope, longevity, and vitality. It represents lush growth, vegetation, and the rebirth of springtime. Perfect for the Family/Health area of your home.

Purple: Similar function to red, can be used with red and gold to symbolize wealth. Associated with royalty and pageantry. Best for the Wealth area of your home.

Pink: Combination of red and white, good for the Relationships/Romance area of your home.

White: Spiritual and moral purity. Good for the Creativity/Children area of your home.

Gray: A color of connection. Good for the Helpful People/Travel area of your home.

Black: Seriousness and justice, deep waters, the darkness of winter. Not usually considered lucky, but when used in balance with other colors it can absorb negative chi. Black or dark blue are best for the Career area of your home.

Yellow: Authority or rank, associated with tolerance, acceptance, honesty, and trustworthiness. Good for the center of your home.

Gold: Wealth and prosperity. Also good for the center of your home.

Adapted from Teen Feng Shui, by Susan Leavitt (Inner Traditions, 2003). Copyright (c) 2003 by Susan Leavitt. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Teen Feng Shui, by Susan Leavitt (Inner Traditions, 2003).


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