Feng Shui for Serenity in the Bedroom

Given that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to write about feng shui for the boudoir. But as it turns out, all of my feng shui sources suggest tips for how to make the bedroom relaxing and sleep-friendly, rather than the stimulating and maybe not-so-sleepy Valentine’s mood I was picturing. So later in the week I’ll write about love feng shui that would make Cupid proud, but today’s it’s all about sleep and serenity–which, come to think of it, might be the best aphrodisiac around.

• Don’t keep more than a few books in your bedroom; they are too stimulating.

• Don’t use lots of yang colors, such as gold or red, in the bedroom. These colors stimulate your energy, resulting in poor sleep.

• Remove as much electronic equipment from your bedroom as possible, especially televisions, VCRs, stereos, and computers which emit electromagnetic energy that is detrimental to rest and health.

• Avoid sleeping in a bedroom situated above a garage, which channels the noxious fumes from the automobiles to the room’s occupants, affecting health.

• Don’t occupy a bedroom that is in a direct line with a straight road. If a vehicle’s headlights shine at or into a bedroom at night, use the room for exercise, storage, sewing, computer work, play, or other leisure activities instead.

• Keep your bedroom free of clutter and minimize the amount of furniture so that chi (life energy) can flow easily throughout the room.

• Don’t have any water features, such as fountains or aquariums, in your bedroom, where they are considered unlucky and can lead to loss of wealth.

• Don’t place the head of your bed against the wall shared with a bathroom.

• Choose bedding and linens in solid colors. If they have patterns, avoid geometric, angular designs that emanate negative energy and disturb your rest.

Adapted from Feng Shui Dos and Taboos (Storey Publishing, 2000) by Angi Ma Wong.


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Many good tips. Thank you.

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It's all really good advice. Especially the one about remembering that fumes travel. You may not be able to always smell the toxins but they are there and can harm you.

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Angela Malafouris

Unfortunately for city dwellers living in small apartments like me all the above are not applicable. Automobile fumes are a must even though we have no garage - and no car for that matter! I don't have any of the above in my room. Luckily I don't have space for a water element, which brings bad health...and the colors are more or less soothing. But still I like bright colors in my linens most of the times...My bedroom also includes my PC, a number of plugs and a bookcase ready to collapse under the weight of books...And clutter is a constant companion for anyone who has a full schedule and a variety of interests...I wish I had a larger bedroom and a larger house by now!