Feng Shui for Summer Travel

Many of you are either planning your summer getaway or are wishing you could have one but can’t seem to manifest it for one reason or another.

Feng Shui is a fascinating art and science that uses our living space to address all of the key areas of our lives. Feng Shui can help us realize our travel aspirations, as well as ensuring when we do travel that everything works in perfect synchronicity.

Sounds a little strange, I know, but stick with me and I will show you how it works.

Feng Shui teaches that there are energetic centers of your home that correspond to all of the key areas of our lives. This is charted by what is called a Bagua Map, which is laid over the floor plan of your home, based on the way you enter the front door. Travel, and the helpful people who come into our lives is grouped together in Feng Shui and is located in the front, right section of the front of the house, apartment or room you live in. (More instructions below.)

People understand the power of visualization. Many people have experienced how powerful it is to create a vision board of the things they want to bring into their lives. Athletes use them all the time. It is based on the belief that thoughts are energy and that everything we want to manifest starts with the thought. We then create a board using words, pictures and objects that represent our wish list.

Enhancing the areas of the Bagua is like using your home as a vision board. By creating a visual picture of the thing(s) you want in your life, it brings it one step closer to reality, giving it more oomph! Every time you see it, you are sending energy and excitement (or chi)† in that direction.

The Bagua in Feng Shui was the original vision board.† The Bagua map shows you how to locate the key energy center. You then enhance this area by planting objects there that have personal meaning to you. In Western Feng Shui we encourage you to use enhancements that you personally love and relate to, not objects and symbols from China – if this is not your culture.

The Bagua is not the only thing we work with in Feng Shui, but it is a powerful part of it.

You can work with enhancing the Travel area of your living space in the following ways:

  • Clear the clutter and organize – this is true for enhancing any area!
  • Remove unfriendly furniture or too much furniture (no sharp edges that you can hurt yourself on or bump into)
  • Remove any negative or disempowering artwork
  • Bring in environmental affirmations representing the places you want to travel to
  • Place an Affirmations Box in this area and write your affirmation in present tense (as if it is true now…), in gratitude and with excitement about where you are visiting, how it makes you feel, and your intention that everything flows wonderfully and smoothly while traveling there.

The Helpful People and Travel Area on the Bagua map will fall into one of your rooms, part of a room, or it might be missing from your living space. If it is missing you can still enhance it by putting a mini-Bagua over one room and locating the Travel corner of that room. If you divide the room into nine sections, the travel area is at the far right of the entrance. Here are some ideas for enhancing the Travel area in your home. You can also use these things in the Travel section of each room by using the mini-Bagua.

Kitchen: You might want to display cookbooks from the places you want to visit and use your refrigerator magnets to display affirmations and pictures of the places you want to travel to. Use phrases like “My Incredible trip to Italy” with a cut out picture of you glued to a picture you found of Italy and attach it to the fridge. Feel how wonderful it is to be there every time you open the refrigerator (and eating that wonderful food!)( See Feng Shui for Kitchens)

Living or Family rooms: Bring in furniture and accessories from places you want to see, perhaps a lovely Balinese coffee table, Moroccan ottoman, Italian pottery, a book on the South of France or travel in the High Sierras placed on the coffee table.

Office, Bathroom, Hall, Home Office, etc: Bring in posters, pictures, artifacts or books representing these places. Find a wall map or globe and put a red dot on the place(s) you desire to travel to.

Garage: This is a great place for travel posters as they don’t need to be framed.† Hang fun objects from the ceiling or walls such as piŮatas for Mexican travel or ornaments and decorations that have special meaning to you. I hung an Indian Cow bell from the rafters that I ring when†I pass the myriad of travel posters representing the places I want to travel to.

Environmental affirmations are powerful because they are physically-manifested thought forms. Whenever you look at that picture of Tuscany you strategically hung in the Travel area, you are thinking about being there. The more you can linger awhile and feel the emotion of what it would be like to actually be there, the more the energy builds and moves toward that which you desire. (See my article on energy enhancers.)

Thoughts are energy.† Keep thoughts positive. More negative and yearning thoughts like, “it will never happen to me” will actually send the goal further away from you. Pay attention to the feeling; there is a huge difference between imagining it as if it were true and a feeling of discouragement that it won’t happen to you. Miracles can only happen if we make the space for them. So imagine away and feel what it is like to have or be or do the thing you desire.

Two of my own manifesting stories:

Tuscany: Shortly after I had finished my Feng Shui Practitioner Certification training I wanted to try out what I had learned. I had always yearned to go to Tuscany, so I thought I would put my newly acquired Feng Shui training to the test. In my Travel area I got a wall map and put a red dot where Italy was located. I placed my much beloved book on Tuscany by Frances Mayes below it with a bright faceted crystal on top. Three weeks later my sister called and said her friends just informed her they were getting married in Tuscany and invited her to come and bring a guest. They had rented a TuscanVilla for a week and it would only be $300 per person. My sister invited me to go with her. As you can imagine, I was thrilled beyond belief that I had manifested this dream so soon!

Hawaii: I had always had a deep connection to Hawaii but never had the means to go there very often. I yearned to find a way to spend more time there and get paid to do it! My travel area was located in my garage, so first I cleared the clutter and organized it … no small feat… and hung a beautiful picture on the wall of a tropical beach that said Paradise. Every time I drove in, there was this affirmation beckoning me as I sent my heart-felt “thank yous” to the universe, envisioning myself spending lots and lots of time in my version of paradise.

About 8 years ago I founded an Earth-Spirit Travel Company that takes people on spiritual retreats to Hawaii and Bali. I now give these Hawaiian retreats several times a year and people pay me to take them! I had forgotten that I had set this dream in motion years earlier when I had placed the picture of Paradise in my garage. At that time it was just a yearning, but now it is a rich and wonderful part of my life.

Can you remember an affirmation you placed in your space that came true in your life? That was Feng Shui at work!

These are just some stories of how powerful environmental affirmations are when strategically placed in our living spaces. I have hundreds more from all of the clients I have worked with over the years which is my book - Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.

Please share you own stories with us!

You can use each areas of the Bagua in this way and watch how powerfully you begin to manifest the things you want in your life!

Learn How:† Free gift to my Care 2 readers. If you would like to learn how to put the Bagua Map onto your own home, click here and I will send you a free color copy of a Bagua map with instructions. Enjoy and happy travels!

Erica Sofrina is the founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui and Earth Spirit Adventure Travel. She teaches and speaks about Feng Shui internationally and takes groups to Bali and Hawaii open them to their own earth/spirit connection. She is the author of the Book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.



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According to traditional Chinese feng shui you could use the northwest sector of your home to place travel symbols.

Feng shui can also use a form of astrology based on your own specific energy to tell you which directions to travel in and when to gain the best experience for you and your family.

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