Feng Shui for the Holidays

As we decorate for the holidays, it can help to keep a few basic Feng Shui principles in mind. For instance, did you know that, if you have a Santa Claus figure, it will actually generate good luck if you put it in this area of your home? And putting up a tree is always fun–but wait! That star for the top is awfully pointy. Unless you place it in this area of your home, those pointy tips may need a quick fix.

Try some of these traditional tips from the ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui, and have a safe, lucky, and merry holiday! Read the tips here:

First off, since you have been a good girl or boy this year, you will probably be receiving lots of presents from Santa or your loved ones. So the most important Feng Shui wisdom as you prepare your home for the holidays is to clean out the clutter to make room for the influx of gifts! Nothing bollixes up the energy of a home like clutter, so the more you can do now to minimize it and clear things out, the better.

To identify each area of your home, go to Map Your Home with Feng Shui.

Now, if you look at the areas of your home or your main living area elementally, the placement of traditional seasonal decorations for the maximum good-luck effect makes sense. For instance:

Earth/Health: An arrangement of fresh fruit in a basket or terra cotta bowl.

Water/Career: A snow globe with an appealing scene inside.

Fire/Fame and Reputation: Candles, lights, a menorah, stars, flame-colored poinsettias, bright-berried holly.

Metal/Creativity and Children: Toys, games, ornaments or decorations made of metal.

Wood/Family: Your Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush, a Nativity scene or creche.

Helpful People: Santa or St. Nicholas figures, angels, the gifts you plan to give others.

Prosperity: This is the perfect place to pile the presents you receive! Other ideas include an evergreen wreath with a dollar bill tucked inside, or a bundle of cinnamon sticks.

Relationship: Two turtledoves, mistletoe.

Knowledge, Wisdom, Skills: The Wise Men, skates, tools.

And here is the quick fix for pointy stars in any area other than the Fame one, where they are safest to display: just put the stars inside a circle (like a halo). According to Aisling Dart, that will keep the sharp points from bringing bad luck.

The good news here is that we donít need to be slavish about following Feng Shui precepts when we decorate: If something works, great, but we donít need to feel like weíre bound by chains of Shoulds. Just relax, be merry and safe, and have a happy holiday!

By Cait Johnson, co-author of Celebrating the Great Mother (Inner Traditions, 1994).


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g d c5 years ago


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Kath R.
Kath P6 years ago

Try one suggestion a year...before you know it your Christmas home will be flowing with energy.

iii q.
g d c6 years ago

good examples, but where is placement of these objects supposed to be?
Isn't feng shui about placement of the objects?

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

Thank you. I have a lot of these represented in my holiday displays at home.

Jessica S.
Jessica S8 years ago

thank you!

Marishka k.
Marishka k8 years ago

i'll have to try this

Alison T.
Alison T.8 years ago

I think we should follow Feng Shui, It is better to respect than scorn.

Bee Hive Lady
Fiona O8 years ago

I have been a very good girl all year. My children have been ever better behaved than I have. They are my fortitude because their own fortitude has been such an inspiration to me.

With this dire economy, we are living at the edge of homelessness. There will be no presents under this year's tree.

We have found over the time and as the season approaches that we have still so many reasons for gratitude and our perilous position has only increased the love we feel for one another.

This will be the most loving Christmas we have ever shared. We will not be using any of the Feng Shu suggestions. People must look more seriously at the amount of love generated by own very own traditions. This love has seen such a renewal in my family that we will embrace the economic upheaval and be given more strength because of it.

Teresa H.
Teresa H8 years ago

Here are my thoughts on Feng Shui & Christmas:
According to Chinese metaphysical studies, everything is connected within the whole universe…….between Heaven, Man/Human and Earth. The study of Feng Shui is the environmental examination of Chi/Qi between Heaven and Earth – Time and Space, and by incorporating the principles of Balance and Harmony.

The Christmas celebration happens a few days after the Winter Solstice, when the Water energy is strongest – most Yin time of the year, which is reflected by the cold temperature outside, and the shortest daylight hours during the day. In order to maintain a balance, we would need to activate the Yang energy in the form of:

• Lighting – both for the exterior and interior of the house.
• Activities – good time to have family gatherings around the fireplace, in the kitchen, enjoying the warmth, good nourishing food and festivities.

The Water element represents communication in terms of human activities, so this is the best time to convey the love and affection between family members, lovers and friends. Beware of intoxication due to too much alcohol consumption, as the negative side of the human activity will come out as being verbally abusive, argumentative and depressive.

The Water element also represents love; this is a wonderful time for sharing with others. In our present world with the big gap between the rich and poor, the haves and have-nots, pressing environmental issue