Feng Shui Ritual to Clear Your House and Body

The author of this lovely haiku-like little book was raised in a household where ancient traditions were practiced daily. Her Indonesian grandmother, in particular, taught her feng shui practices for happier, healthier, more balanced living.

This ritual for clearing your house and your body is best performed the evening before the full moon, or on the last day of the month. Read it here:

Open the front and back doors
of your home.

Near the front or back door,
place the following items
on a small table:
metal bowl
a stack of joss paper (easily found at an Asian market)
a bowl of uncooked rice
water and
fruit offerings.

Let the incense burn for 5-10
minutes and set your intentions.
Throw the rice in four
directions over your head, starting
from the north and ending with
the west. Sprinkle the water in a
similar fashion.
Burn the paper completely.
Let the smoke enter the house.
Step over the fire of joss paper three times
to clear your body.
Place the cool ashes
in your yard.
(Everything goes back to the earth.)

Rice, water, and the sweet
smell of incense induce the
Gods to listen to your prayers.

Burning the joss paper clears
negativity from the house;
stepping over the fire three
times removes negativity from
your body.

Adapted from Grandmotherís Feng Shui Wisdom, by Chantal Monte (Conari Press, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Chantal Monte. Reprinted by permission of Conari Press.
Adapted from Grandmotherís Feng Shui Wisdom, by Chantal Monte (Conari Press, 2006).


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