9 Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Wealth in 2012

By Erica Sofrina, Author of the book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.

Our homes are powerful energy attractors. Feng Shui teaches that by balancing and enhancing the energy in our living space, our lives will come into alignment as well. In this article I will give you some Feng Shui tips on how to locate and enhance the wealth and prosperity area of your living space to encourage the most optimum flow of positive energy into your lives for this auspicious year of 2012! I will also send my readers a Free Color Bagua Map along with instructions how to apply it. Just click here!

Feng Shui has many practical applications that are logical, simple and even obvious which you can read about in my prior articles. The more mysterious and esoteric part of Feng Shui is the study of the Bagua. This wisdom comes from the I Ching, or The Book of Changes.

The ancient Feng Shui masters felt there were certain parts of the home that corresponded to key areas of the lives of its occupants. By working with these energy centers you could A- identify what was going on in that area of your life, and B- enhance it by putting objects there that would encourage the chi (energy) to become activated.

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In my article Your Home is Attracting Your Future, I discuss how our homes are powerful energy attractors that may or not be serving what it is we truly want to bring into our experience. By learning how to work with and identify these energy centers in our homes and arranging them in a harmonious way, we can become conscious co-creators of our lives.

Bagua translated means eight trigrams. These trigrams refer to important areas of our lives such as wealth, health, love, career, self-cultivation, fame, creativity, helpful people, etc.

Wealth and Prosperity Defined

The trigram connected to wealth and prosperity in the I Ching is called SUN. It is about the deep roots of financial stability and calm security in terms of one’s personal wealth. A key component is gratefulness; being grateful before as well as after the money comes. It is not about fast money but the slow, steady, honest accumulation of wealth, along with the things we truly value in life. It is not about making the monthly bills (this is connected to the Health and Family area) but the abundance of prosperity, such as luxury items, vacations, those seminars you have been dying to take, and anything that is a want rather than a necessity.

Nine Suggestions to Enhance Your Wealth Area

Once you locate the wealth area of your home (directions below), take a look at what is happening there. Is this where there is a lot of clutter, or where the junk closet resides? Perhaps it is in a dingy bathroom or missing all together from the Bagua of your home? (this is addressed in the Bagua lay-out section)

Feng Shui teaches that the outer environment will always reflect our inner environment. By cleaning it up, clearing it out, making it beautiful and adding the enhancers, you activate this area of the Bagua and thus the extra money area of your life is activated as well.

First you want to clear it out and clean it up and organize. This is always the first step before you move into adding the enhancements.

Environmental affirmations are objects we put into our space that either reflects something we want to bring into our lives, or keep there. Use these environmental affirmations to vitalize the wealth area of your home once you have taken care of the ‘splinters’ such as clutter, broken things, missing areas, etc. (See my article on ‘splinters’ and how to deal with them)

Here are nine suggestions of objects you can add to your wealth area that will activate the chi:

  • Items that call in the Chi (energy) (Listed in my article on 11 Home Energy Enhancers)
  • Inspiring Art and other items that depict the things we want to bring into our lives in terms of wealth. An example might be a favorite picture of Tuscany if you wants to travel there, the tropical paradise picture for a much-desired Hawaiian vacation.
  • Quotes and affirmations pertaining to wealth written in present tense, as if it is true now!
  • Fountains, waterfalls and water features or pictures of flowing water. (Flowing water represents money in Feng Shui)
  • Articles you love that you might have paid a lot of money for, i.e., a favorite vase, coin collection, jewelry or artwork. (Or items that look like you paid a lot for them!)
  • Healthy plants with shiny, round coin-shaped leaves such as jade plants.
  • Personal wealth symbols reflective of your own taste and culture. (If you are not Chinese, symbols from your own culture may have a deeper meaning rather than Chinese coins, gold fish or ‘lucky bamboo’)
  • Objects in purples, reds and greens symbolizing wealth and money. Purple Amethysts and crystals are wonderful wealth chi enhancers. Add purple accessories, colors and fabrics to this area, provided you like the color purple* (Purple includes plum, lavender, lapis blues, etc.)
  • Create vision boards and collages depicting the objects you want to bring into your life in terms of wealth. * Note: never put anything into your space that you do not love just because a Feng Shui book or article told you to do so! The goal of Feng Shui is to create a living space that feeds your soul and uplifts your spirits. Objects you don’t love will have the opposite effect. The more personal the objects are to you, the more chi they will generate.

How to Put the Bagua Map onto your Home and Identify your Wealth Area

To learn more about the Bagua, my article on the The Energy Centers of Your Home will go into further detail. Here are step-by-step instructions for how to put the Bagua Map onto the floor plan of you home and locate your personal wealth energy center:

1. Draw a sketch of the floor plan of your space. This should be the birds-eye view as if you are looking down on it. Include all built-on decks, stairways and attached garages.

2. Draw a square or rectangle over the floor plan in the shape of the Bagua map. All of the areas of the home need to be within the square or rectangle. If your home is an irregular shape, still draw the rectangle or square around it.

3. Stand at the front door with the map paralell to the floor with the Entrance Quadrant touching your stomach. This will tell you the direction to overlay the Bagua map onto the floor plan of your home. As you stand at the front door looking in to the home, the far left corner will be the wealth area if you imagine a rectangle or square drawn around your home.

4. Now divide your home with the Bagua map overlaid on it in nine equal sections. This will identify for you where all of the key nine areas are of your home are. The wealth area will always be the far left quadrant of the home and the Love and Marriage the far right section, etc.

5. If your home is not a rectangle or square, you may be missing areas of the Bagua. If this is the case, you can do a mini-Bagua for each room of your home and enhance the wealth corner of each room. Treat the main entrance to the room like you would the front door of the home and lay the Bagua accordingly.This energetically brings back into the space the missing area.

6. If you have more than one floor of your home, what ever is below is above. You do not turn the Bagua differently for each floor. In which case you may have more than one wealth area, the same rules of enhancement apply to all areas!

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May you attract all that your heart desires in 2012!



Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina6 years ago

Thank you all for the comments. Colleen, I will take your question off line as it may need further questions before I can answer it. Will friend you and we will talk! Angled doors take more explanation in terms of how to lay the Bagua onto them. For a room within a home, you would go with the feel of the way the chi flows, which you said you have a good sense of. For an angled door to a home, it is another story and will take some explaining because is depends on various factors.

Colleen A.
Colleen Adrian6 years ago

Hi Erica,
I just discovered your book and website through a friend recently--it's fabulous, thank you so much for making feng shui practical and accessible without being overwhelming! I will be placing an order for some of your books soon!
In the meantime, I have a question about entrances and the bagua map. I have 2 rectangular rooms in my house that have an entrance that is on a 45 degree angle to the walls. I want to apply a bagua map to each of these rooms, and I am not sure which wall to use as the entrance side. Can you help? PS: The angle is 45 degrees, however for each of the rooms, there is a definite 'feel' of which direction you are coming from because of the surrounding structures and organization, if that makes any sense.

Kate B.
Kate A6 years ago

Very interesting, thank u

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Great to know

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Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina6 years ago

Yes it will work for your cubicle. Go to my articles and find Feng Shui for Offices for more information on this. You can find it at www.care2.com/greenliving/author/ericas then scroll down until you find the article. Hope it helps!

iii q.
g d c6 years ago

would this work for my cubicle space at work??? ty

Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina6 years ago

Thank you everyone, and thank you Jackie for ordering my book! You will get the space clearing information in the book and I talk a lot about each area of the Bagua and how to enhance them so you should get it all there! Blessings to all and may 2012 be a wonderful year !