Feng Shui to Spice Up Romance

From the Author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World

Whether you want bring in the love of your life, welcome some sizzling romance or add spark to your current relationship, the bedroom is the ideal place to start!

In Feng Sui the Bedroom is considered the most important room in the home. It should  be a restful, inspiring and sensual place that we love being in. This is the place that we interact with our significant other in the most intimate way. It is the ideal place to get the juice flowing again if your relationship has lost pizazz or if you want to invite love and/or romance into your life in 2012!

Expressing our sensuality and connecting deeply with another  is one of the most joyous parts of being human. For those who are seeking a partner, here are some suggestions for arranging your bedroom to bring in romance. If you are happy single,  you will still find some helpful tips for creating a bedroom that inspires, uplifts and supports deep rest and rejuvenation.

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Law of Attraction

One of the key premises of Feng Shui is that our outer environment reflects our inner environment. Every object is felt to hold a frequency or vibration that is attracting a ‘like’ vibration. By looking at our homes as energy attractors, we start to see them in a new way. (See my article on Your Home is Attracting Your Future) They can give us valuable insights about belief systems that may be energetically anchored into our space that may or may not be serving us. The powerful part of Feng Shui is that when we consciously create affirmations that reflect our true desire, we attract them to us.

Go through your bedroom and objectively look at everything in it. See if the objects and art work  are attracting  what you truly want.  Do you have many pictures of single people or single objects? Perhaps the “one nightstand” reveals some truths …hmm…perhaps it is time to get a second one?

Arrange Objects in Pairs and Bring in Realistic Romantic Relationship Pictures

If you would like to attract a mate, replace these with pairs of things grouped together. An example might be two red candles, two roses in a vase, pairs of doves, etc. To give it more oomph, place it in the love corner of the bedroom, which will be the far right corner as you are standing in the doorway looking into the room. (See my article on Charting the Energy Centers of Your Home).

Relocate pictures of family and children to other rooms such as the family room or hallway. The bedroom is your place to connect and be fully sensual with your significant other. Keep in the bedroom only the pictures of the two of you in a happy time, or bring in a romantic and realistic relationship picture or a vision board depicting your desired relationship. Find a box you are attracted to and designate it as your love affirmations box. Write on a piece of paper a list of the important things you want in a partner. Make in present tense, with gratitude, as if it is true now. Keep this affirmation in your love box in the love corner of your bedroom. Keep two fresh flowers in a bud vase next to it and read it frequently, envisioning it as if it is is presently happening in your life. Make sure it reflects the qualities you truly want in a mate...the red Ferrari may not be so important… Don’t dictate what they will look like but allow the universe to surprise you. You mate may come in an entirely different package than you expected but they will be attractive to YOU!

Act as if it is True Now!

For single women who want to bring in a partner and/or a family, create what you want your life to look like NOW! Make wonderful dinner parties for your single friends and have your home be the place everyone comes to for holidays. Take a cooking class if need be and create the warm and vibrant home you desire in whatever space you do have. I often find no food at all or the lonely  single milk carton in refrigerators of my single clients. A sure sign they are going ‘out there’ to find their life rather than creating the life  they want now.

Bed Positioning

Ideally the bed should be positioned so that you see the entry door from your pillow but are not in direct alignment with the open doorway. If you cannot move the bed, always close the door when you sleep. The energy coming in through hallways is too strong and can have a huge affect on anyone who is energetically sensitive. If your bed is in direct alignment with a bathroom door, close this whenever you are in bed. We never want to be looking at the toilet.

If the bed has to be positioned in front of a window it should have a large headboard to provide a sense of protection. Use heavier window coverings to mute street noise. Always have window coverings on bedroom windows, preferably with black-out shades to allow for a sounder sleep for those who are light-sensitive.

Clutter and Organization

All of the same principles of dealing with clutter apply to every room of the home. Closets are no exception. For every article in our closet ask the  Feng Shui rules of clutter ….Do I love it? Do I need it? Have I worn it recently? Does it reflect who I am now in my life? If it doesn’t pass the test, deep-six it and donate to a worthy cause. Closets are areas of much hidden clutter. You will be surprised what joy an organized closet can bring every time you open the door!

Ideally we should not have storage under the bed but for small spaces we need to utilize them. If you do  store things there,  make sure there are no weapons or sharp objects. Organize the storage and edit out anything that is not necessary. Store them in containers that are clearly marked and easy to pull out.

12 Steps to End Clutter

Color in the Bedroom

Spice up the Bedroom with fresh flowers

Bedrooms should be  calm and cozy space conducive to rest and rejuvenation. We want them to feel happy and lift our spirits, but  too-bold colors will not serve the purpose of slee  Flesh tones and earth tones are ideal for bedrooms. Dark blue, green, black and grey are too cool and recommended in small doses. Use them  for accent colors only.

Bring in the fire element to add sensuality and sizzle but don’t over do it. Use more muted fire colors such as plum, coral, terracotta, berry red or  burgundy.  Bright red walls or hot pink accessories for curtains bedspreads, sheets and rugs are too stimulating and will not be conducive to sleep. You can add romance to any color scheme by bringing in two red pillows, a red throw on the bed with red candles in pairs. They will add just enough spark  without making it too stimulating for sleep. (See my article on the Power of Color).

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Remove Televisions, Home Offices and Exercise Equipment

Bedrooms should ideally be places for rest and rejuvenation. Working, exercising and watching television are all Yang activities and should be done in the more active spaces of the home if at all possible. If you are looking at work you will either be feeling guilty for not working or feeling guilty for working too much. If you live in a studio and need a work space as well, separate the work with an attractive  screen, put computers and televisions in a  cabinet you can close up at night or disguise them with an pretty throw or shawl when you are through working. If you do have exercise equipment make sure you are able to fold it up and store out of sight.

Remove Mirrors in Bedrooms

Mirrors are ‘chi activators’ and used in Feng Shui for many things but will be counter productive in bedrooms where we want the energy to calm down. These are the culprit for many of my clients who do not sleep well in their bedrooms.

Large Vanity mirrors can be covered with an attractive shawl at night or replaced with a picture. For mirrored closet doors  treat them like a window and put curtains on them and close them up at night when you need to sleep. You can also paint over the glass. Three coats of paint will cover them . Paint  is easy to scrape off when you need to restore them to their original state. Another idea would be to cover them with an attractive shelf paper with a sticky back that will  adhere to the glass. Get something with an interesting texture like rice paper. If the closet doors span the entire wall you will want to be looking at something visually interesting.

Inspire Yourself!

Romantic Art by Andrea Boff

Make sure the last thing you look at before you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up inspires you. This holds tremendous energy to move your life forward in the direction of your highest aspirations, so put your most inspiring artwork and love affirmations in this most important piece of real estate!

Romantic Couple Photograph courtesy of Hanne Rahnau Award winning Maui Wedding Photographer

This article is a part of Erica Sofrina’s series Feng Shui Room By Room. Click here to learn more about every other room in your home.

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Changing it tonight! Thanks Erica!!

Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina7 years ago

Thank you all for the comments. Rosie, the point of the two night stands is that it represents equality in the bedroom. If one is hidden it defeats the purpose. I had a bedroom that was not very wide so the night stands are pretty slim to fit. Even if they are small, it is best to have two that are visible. Take care and thanks for asking.

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Erica I have a question - I don't have room for my 2nd nightstand so it's in my bedroom closet. is that just as bad??? Thanks!!

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The fact that some people actually claim to believe in superstitious nonsense like feng shui
is almost as depressing as knowing that over half the population of the US claims to believe in the Christian God.
It's just sooooooo friggin' depressing.

Erica Sofrina
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Here is the rest of my comments.
There is also evidence that Feng Shui may not have come out of China, but from India as the ancient Chinese traveled through India and learned Vastu and took it's principles to China. Vastu pre dates Feng Shui by about 2,000 years. I would just say do your homework first before disparaging Feng Shui and find out what it really talks about. If modern day China practiced these principles, it would be a completely different country.

Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina7 years ago

Dear Kristina,
Many countries have done atrocities to humans and animals, but to say that you are not going to consider anything that is Chinese ever is to completely negate the fact that there are good human beings in every country. You could say you will never consider anything that comes out of the U.S. because of the atrocities done to the Native Americans, or to the Japanese when we threw them all into internment camps during World War II. You could go down the list of probably most countries and boycott them all and never consider the good that has also come from the people in them. Buddhism comes out of China, as does Feng Shui. These are profound practices that at their essence do not condone any of the atrocities you mention. In fact, they promote the opposite. You have been writing disparaging remarks about all of my Feng Shui articles without considering the fact that the philosophy that I am talking about promotes the opposite of what may be going on in modern day China. Modern day China does not promote the core principles of Taoism which is at the root of Feng Shui. It would be a different country if it did. Taoism talks about how we can live in harmony with nature and align ourselves with the natural world and bring this energy into our homes. It is a philosophy about how to live in a harmonious way. It promotes honoring all sentient beings, humans, all the four and two leggeds and everything in nature. There is also strong evidence that Feng Shui did not or

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I received the following letter from the author of this article:

Hi Kristina
Don't use dish my articles on Feng Shui then use my comment section to promote your petitions Kristina! Feng Shui has nothing to do with modern day China, that is like dissing Buddhism because it started in China. Jeeze, Feng Shui is 3,000 years old!


Dear Ms. Sofrina:

My intention was not to discredit your article - or what you wrote. I accept your opinion, but I do not have to agree with it. Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition, using Qi as a movable positive or negative life force while it's polarity is expressed as Yin and Yang = Chinese.

I deeply oppose everything Chinese until the countries attitude toward animals and human rights has changed. So - I am sorry if I offended you - my anger is against China, not you personally.

I hope you understand, since all articles in the care2 community are subject to opinions and discussions.


PS: my petition is for a well worthy cause and deserves advertisement.