Finally! A Delicious Plant-Based Egg Alternative that isn’t Tofu

Up until now, the only decent plant-based alternative to scrambled eggs was a tofu scramble. But here’s the deal: no one has ever mistaken a tofu scramble for scrambled eggs. They are kind of similar, but tofu scrambles are still very obviously tofu, and not everyone enjoys (or is even able to eat) soy products.

Soy is the divisive health food that has never been able to entice meat-eaters to get truly excited about plant-based eating. So as a country, we’ve continued eating our breakfast egg sandwiches.

Why We Needed a Good Egg Alternative

We have a problem. We eat a lot of eggs in the US—about 280 eggs per person per year. And the majority of the egg industry is notoriously inhumane. These chickens have no space in which to move, are locked in cramped indoor cages, and never even see the light of day.

You might think that cage-free or “free range” eggs are better, but they’re not the silver bullet the egg industry wants you to believe they are.

Eggs are an eco disaster. Between the tremendous impact egg production has on methane and waterway pollution and chickens’ high crop and water consumption, scientists value the carbon footprint of a dozen conventional eggs at around six pounds of CO2, or about 1 pound per two egg serving.

That means if you were to eat two eggs every day for a year, you’d be supporting the production of almost an additional half a ton of carbon pollution annually—from your egg consumption alone!

Just Eggs: A Soy-Free Vegan Egg

But, wait, a glimmer of hope! A new plant-based alternative is coming to your market—Just Eggs. A liquid vegan egg alternative, Just Eggs is shockingly egg-like. And you won’t believe what it is made out of: mung beans!

Formulated primarily from mung bean protein with a hint of inflammation-busting turmeric to mimic a scramble’s light yellow color, Just Eggs is a plant-based egg alternative that not only tastes like the real thing but also scrambles on the stovetop remarkably like a real scrambled egg.

Seriously, check out their official product release video and look at those soft, gooey golden scrambles! It’s incredible… and looks delicious!

This may be just what the plant-based movement needs right now: a plant-based alternative to the ubiquitous breakfast egg sandwich. While Just Eggs is just making its way to the market now, don’t be surprised when it starts showing up in your breakfast sandwiches wherever you go.

Of course, Just Eggs wants to make plant-based eggs available and viable to people of all economic backgrounds, so they are looking to cut costs as they grow in order to rival the cost of a dozen chicken eggs at the supermarket (let’s be real: they are currently significantly more costly than a $2 carton of eggs).

Since eggs are so affordable and protein-rich, the egg industry has peaked in recent years, distributing over 68 million tons of product globally. But with plant-based eating becoming less of a trend and more of a lifestyle in recent years, here’s to hoping that the humble mung bean holds the key to good eating and humane living.

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Great information. I look forward to seeing this product in the market.

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Wow, I hope it arrives soon in Brazil. I do miss eggs.

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I don't know if it is already sold in the UK. I need to investigate. Thank you. Although - like Tabot T I also love tofu very much (in all its forms and uses).

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I've been looking for these in my supermarket. Can't wait to try them although I love tofu scramble also