How to Find What Gives Your Life Meaning

Without question, we have the choice to live a life of meaning–or one that brings regret. This deceptively simple activity will help you see what gives your own life the most meaning. It will also give you amazing information about who you really are, who and what you love, and where your passion lies.

Take this fascinating voyage to find out the answers to many of your life questions, here.

Find some time when you will not be disturbed, and relax and ground yourself.

Imagine that you have a magical craft: a time machine. Climb aboard and set the controls so that it takes you forward to the moment just before your death.

In that moment, you realize with regret that there have been a number of things you havenít said or done when you had the chance. You always meant to, but you simply ran out of time or other concerns became more pressing. . . and now it is too late. What are the things you havenít done, the opportunities you most regret having missed?

Now return yourself in your craft to the present, with the conviction that you will do and say the things you wished you had at the imagined moment of your death. Then travel forward again, to the moment before your death, this time aware that you have no regrets; youíve said and done all that you wanted to. How do you feel now? What in your life has made you happiest and most fulfilled?

Return to the present in your time machine.

We are happiest doing and saying what gives our lives meaning. What we havenít done–but wish we had–answers our questions about who we really are, who and what we truly love, and where our deepest passions lie.

It is not too late to live a life rich with meaning.

Adapted from Darkness Visible, by Ross Heaven and Simon Buxton (Inner Traditions, 2005). Copyright (c) 2005 by Ross Heaven and Simon Buxton. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Darkness Visible, by Ross Heaven and Simon Buxton (Inner Traditions, 2005).


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