Finding Your Solution + 10 Commandments for Success

I did not realize the level of sacrifice that would be required to become not only an entrepreneur, but a successful entrepreneur. I wish I had understood the value of investing when I started out. I would done the things that I needed to do in order to “produce” and to make money very differently.

The most important rule I have learned in life is to never, ever give up, no matter how difficult the situation may be. For every situation there is a solution!

We dream and we dream big, but dreams are one thing – bringing them into reality takes a leap of faith, courage and discipline. There will always be obstacles along the way with twists and turns – but somehow as my mother always says -”once you keep putting your foot out into the universe you must move forward. With certainty somehow the universe will respond” and your goals and plans will unfold.

We all are our own success and we got a great gift – our minds to think and create and build. I truly believe that each one of us has a great mind and great minds can accomplish great things.

To succeed and to know your steps, you will have to capture the power of success, by educating yourself.

To sum up my life journey in short, I believe that life is so much more than work and success. It shows you what a difference you can make, if you keep your vision and believe in yourself. With success, you can help and support the less fortunate. I consider myself very lucky and live by the following ten personal Commandments.

  1. Always keep your goals in sight and never accept no as “the final answer”.
  2. Be passionate about your business and understand it is not only about money but long term success.

Continue reading on for Geir’s other Commandments for success!

Geir Ness is an international designer and a philanthropist.

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Henry King
Henry Bustamante4 years ago

Cool thanks for sharing

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Natasha Salgado
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Carol S.
Carol S4 years ago

Good info!

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Oleg Kobetz
Oleg K4 years ago

Thank you

Deborah W.
Deborah W4 years ago

I try to follow the original 10 ... always falling short, always trying again, because they offer a roadmap to all that is good.

Being one of many in the familly of man, where each has special gifts, goals, and ideas gives "personal choice" the important feature that it is ... for each choice requires action, reaction, comes with consequences. and ultimately defines who we are.

Goals are not the same for each, if they were how boring, limited, and docile life would be ... no challenges, stuck in place.

Believe in yourself, your dreams, your abilities. Remain a survivor not a victim, you're better than that.

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Thanks for the post.

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