Fire Ceremony for Your Life Purpose

Want more energy and passion for life? Or a clearer sense of your personal mission in the world? Try connecting with the element of fire. You donít need a fireplace to perform this very simple ceremony–but it will feed your inner fire and help you to release any blocks to the attainment of your life-mission.

To connect with fire, go outside. Feel the sun. (If you have concerns about your skin being at risk, go out at a time when it is not so bright.) Feel it penetrate you. Take it in. The sun burns brightly, even above the clouds. Feel the energy of fire outside you joining with the fire within you. We find the fire within us in the DNA and the mitochondria of the cells. Perhaps you can also feel fire in your belly, especially at the level of the solar plexus, where the third chakra resides.

Go inside. Light a fire in the fireplace or light a candle. This place of fire may be your special meditation spot. Connect with the grandparent energy of the fire. Feel the support for the spark of creation that is you. Confide in the fire about your dreams for humanity and your mission within those dreams. Release your insecurities. Feel your wholeness. Let the energy of the fire transform you as you clarify your mission and develop the capacity to tolerate your passion. Breathe and allow the fire to be a container for your passion and for your mission. Express your gratitude to the fire for its support.

Adapted from The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, by Susan J. Wright (Inner Traditions, 2007). Copyright (c) 2007 by Susan J. Wright. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, by Susan J. Wright (Inner Traditions, 2007).


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Maybe that's why I always have tea lights or a candle burning when I'm in a place on my own, I feel in some way more peaceful or something, hard to explain.....

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